You Understand Now Why You Came This Way*

The best thing about being a part of the online crime fiction community is the truly fine people with whom I share it. This week I had the opportunity to meet one of those people: Auckland writer and reviewer Craig Sisterson. You may know Sisterson from his excellent crime fiction blog Crime Watch. If you aren’t familiar with Crime Watch, you’re in for a treat. It’s a rich resource for interviews with crime fiction authors, reviews of crime fiction novels, and news about the crime fiction world.

Sisterson’s done much for the world of crime fiction in general and Kiwi crime fiction in particular. He was an important force behind the creation of New Zealand’s prestigious Ngaio Marsh Award for best Crime Novel. He’s also written several features and shorter articles calling attention to developments in the crime fiction world. He’s interviewed some of crime fiction’s most notable authors, too; P.D. James, Michael Connelly and James Lee Burke are just a few of the authors we’ve gotten to know better through interviews with Sisterson.

What’s perhaps most amazing is that all of this is still only a part of what Sisterson does. He writes features, reviews and other articles on a wide variety of topics for New Zealand’s three top newspapers. In that capacity he’s covered writing, music, film, sport and much more.

Sisterson is also a very generous host and an excellent tour guide :-).  He was kind enough to give me a tour of one of the loveliest cities I’ve been in (you really do need to spend some time in Auckland if you can; it’s more than worth the trip). The top ‘photo, for instance, is one of the many views of Auckland from atop Sky Tower, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.  Along the way we had the chance to chat about a whole range of things from the All-Blacks to today’s media to social and political issues and a great deal more. I was so impressed with Sisterson’s depth of knowledge on so many topics!

A kind, generous person, a deeply knowledgeable writer and a terrific tour guide, too – what’s not to like!? Thank you so much, Craig, for such a lovely time and  for all that you do for us in the crime fiction community.


This is a view of beautiful Devonport, just a short ferry ride from Auckland proper.



Oh, now really! What choice did I have, hmm? 😉


*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from Crosby, Stills & Nash’s Southern Cross.


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8 responses to “You Understand Now Why You Came This Way*

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful post. There are so many people who do so much for the writing community and go unknown or unnoticed that it was a pleasure to be introduced to one of those we owe a debt of gratitude.

    As for Auckland, the picture says its a beauty that calls out to be visited or shared with others – thanks.

    • H.L. – Trust me, it is my great pleasure to let everyone know about Craig Sisterton. He’s a talented and dedicated person. And about Auckland? I’ve only shown a couple of pictures; it’s even more beautiful than it looks….

  2. Oh, that sounds like such a marvellous experience, Margot, and in Craig you obviously had just the right guide! I wonder if I can book him for a crime tour of Sweden?!?!

    • Maxine – LOL! I’ll bet it would be terrific to have Craig to guide you on a crime fiction tour of Sweden! I certainly richly enjoyed getting to know Auckland better; I had a wonderful experience, and Craig was a top-notch tour guide :-).

  3. Craig does have a great site. I’m afraid I’ve not read any modern Kiwi authors – perhaps he could issue a challenge for 2012!

    • Sarah – You know, that would be a terrific challenge, wouldn’t it? And Craig’s site would be a wonderful place to start. I’ve not read enough Kiwi crime fiction myself….

  4. It is good to hear you had a nice time, and I do know how wonderful it is to meet some of all your blog friends.
    So when you go to a conference in Scandinavia… 🙂

    • Dorte – Thank you :-). You can be double sure that if and when I am invited to present in Scandinavia, I will definitely let you know…
      And it really was a great visit.

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