Fair warning: although this is mostly about crime fiction, it’s more about what I and some others are working on than it is about crime fiction in general. So if you came here hoping for my usual post about what makes crime fiction tick, I’m very sorry to disappoint you. Please click on to the next blog on your round and stop back here tomorrow.


…Still here? Why, thank you! 🙂   So what is all this about? And why is this post titled 777?  No it’s not about a size and type of plane. The talented Jessica Luton at the excellent Serenitywriter’s Blog has invited a group of authors and poets to share seven sentences from either Page 7 or Page 77 of what they’re currently writing, and then to recommend seven other authors. I’m quite honoured to be included!

Here then are seven sentences from the Joel Williams novel I’m currently writing. For those of you who haven’t “met” Williams yet, he is a former cop who’s now a professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at fictional Tilton University in not-fictional Pennsylvania. Williams is an amateur sleuth in the sense that he is neither a police nor private detective. But having been a cop, he still has a lot of contact with the local police. Now, let me set the scene for you. A new performing arts building is being constructed on the Tilton University campus. Two construction workers backhoe driver Matt Kramer and his boss Joe Stephens are on the job as usual one morning. All of a sudden Stephens wildly signals Kramer to stop:


“Stephens pointed to a place on the ground about ten feet from where Kramer had been preparing to dig. ‘See for yourself,’ he said.
Kramer walked slowly in the direction Stephens had indicated. Then he stopped short. His face drained of color and he gulped twice. He could see it clearly – a bone was sticking up out of the dirt he’d been preparing to move. He hurried back to Stephens and stammered, ‘I – I didn’t know there were bones there!’


Now, I write crime fiction, so you can probably guess that the bones are not those of an unfortunate squirrel or raccoon…

As a part of this honour, I’ve been asked to recommend seven other authors and ask them to share seven sentences from what they’re writing. But I don’t want anyone to feel obliged to share. So instead, let me recommend a few talented author/bloggers who at least occasionally share what they write on their blogs. Not all of these authors are crime writers, but each one works at least as hard as I do at writing well. Please pay ‘em a visit. Tell ‘em Margot sent you. But mostly, please be supportive. Your support helps a lot. Seriously.


 Rob Kitchin at The View From the Blue House – Not only is Rob the author of The Rule Book and The White Gallows but he is also the author of some terrific Drabbles and other short and mini stories.

 Patti Abbott at Pattinase – Her Monkey Justice is a collection of terrific noir short stories, and her flash fiction is very well-written.

Marina Sofia at Finding Time to Write – Not only does she blog about books she’s read, but she’s also a talented poet and writer herself.

 Cat Connor – Her techno-thrillers have won quite a lot of praise and what’s best is, she sometimes shares her work on her blog.   🙂

 Alex Carrick – He writes terrific short stories and even though his focus isn’t crime fiction, you can’t convince me there’s nothing suspenseful about his work 🙂

 John Lavan – John may not be a crime writer, but his poetry is evocative and sometimes exquisite. It’s hard to write poetry, too; I know I can’t.

Annette Thomson at Inside of a Dog – Her short stories are prize-winners – really! And her blog is funny, real and worth reading.



Thanks, Jessica, for the honour!



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16 responses to “777

  1. catconnor

    Thanks for the mention! I do often share bits and pieces of my work… and I’m pretty sure that sometime today I’ll write a post with the 7 sentences from my current WIP. 🙂

  2. Hi Margot, thanks for the mention. I’ll take a look at posting something on Monday or Tuesday, best Rob

    • Rob – Most definitely my pleasure! I really do enjoy your Drabbles, your Jimmy Kiley stories, your Harry and Pete stories and of course your other writing too.

  3. Thanks so much, Margot. And I will always stick around–no matter what the warning. As it happens, there is a link to a story up there today-and thanks for reading it first thing.

  4. Wow, I love your entry and can’t wait for your publisher to publish it. Please, convince them to make it in e-book format as well as paperback.

    • Clarissa – That’s so very nice of you! 🙂 – You’ve made my weekend. Trust me, I’d love my work to be in e-book format. it’s so much more accessible that way to so many more people.

  5. Nice Margot! I am looking after 2 energetic 8 year olds this week (my twin nephews) and my CF is taking a backseat for a week. I will look like at the recommended websites when things quieten down (I never realised having children was so exhausting. My hats off to people who do it full time!)

    • Sarah – Why, thank you 🙂 – glad you enjoyed what you read. I know all about taking care of little ones; it certainly does take a lot of energy doesn’t it? Your nephews are lucky to have you. I hope you have fun even if it is tiring.

  6. Thanks for sharing Margot. This is something that terrifies me. At this stage anyway – though I’m not sure I will outgrow it!

    I loved this and I look forward to reading the full book. 🙂

  7. Brilliant idea Margot! Rob posted and invited me so I’m just about to delve back into my novel to retrieve my 777. Will add you to my Blog roll too and look forward to checking back :o)

    • Susan – Why, thank you 🙂 – although I will confess that this wasn’t my idea. I was invited by Jessica Luton. But it’s been fun to be involved in this meme. And thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll. I look forward to learning from your posts – and to reading your sentences!

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