I Will Follow You, Will You Follow Me*

In case you hadn’t noticed it, social media is everywhere. It’s becoming an ever-more popular way for people to communicate, to work together, to share and so on. So I got to thinking (yeah, watch out when I do that! 😉  )…  What if some of crime fiction’s famous sleuths had Twitter accounts? What would their tweets be like? Here are just a few of my ideas for…


Tweets From Fictional Sleuths




Tweets from @mhercule_poirot


Dinner at @chezmatante was delicious. Highly recommended.

Going with @captainahastings to the theatre. I hope it won’t be a detective play. They are always so predictable.

New #shoes received today: http://twitpic.com/b47fni . Not exactly comfortable but très soigné, n’est-ce pas?



Tweets from @KinseyM


Getting hungry. McD’s or Rosie’s for dinner?

Don’t worry, @henrypitts. Am fine – back in three days or so. Maybe.

Meeting new client 4 dinner. He’s paying. What to wear? #hateshopping



Tweets from @Rebusjohn


Listening to the #Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers. Best. Band. Ever.

@sclarke What time you in tomorrow, Shiv? Meeting at eight. We need to get together just before so you can give me those files.

@MairieHenderson  Pint at nine?  Our usual place? I’ve news and I hope you do too.



Tweets from @WriterEricaFalck

#edits finally done! Patrik’s cooking dinner so I have time for a shower at last.

Going to be offline tomorrow. Following up on something interesting I found out. Might be related to – well, it should be interesting anyway.

Anna coming for dinner tonight! Must stop and get some things for that. Patrik on a case so it’ll just be us. Fun! Hmmm… what wine?



Tweets from @AGamache


Three Pines? Again? Well at least there’ll be good coffee and food at the bistro.

@jgbeauvoir I won’t be in the office tomorrow. It’s Reine-Marie’s birthday. Let everyone know will you and call me if there’s an emergency.

Going to @claramorrowartist ’s new show this evening. Should be fantastic – highly recommended.  #montrealartscene



Tweets from @emilythetempest


New ACPO uniform makes me look like an idiot! It’s three sizes too big! #ridiculous #nothappening

@hazeflinders Too right it’s been too long! Time we got together. Should be over your way tomorrow. No need for bandages this time – so far 😉

@motorjack Yeah, I’m good. ACPO job finally settling down a little. You heading this way any time soon?


What do you think? What tweets might you see if you followed some famous fictional sleuths????


Happy Weekend, Everyone!




*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from Genesis’ Follow You, Follow Me.



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12 responses to “I Will Follow You, Will You Follow Me*

  1. Very creative and a fun parlor game.

  2. Very clever, Margot. it would be interesting to speculate about what the classic mystery authors would have tweeted as well, especially about their characters. Such fun.

    • Pat – Thank you! I have to admit I had fun doing these. And it would be interesting to see what tweets from those classic/Golden Age authors would have been like. Maybe I’ll do on featuring them some time.

  3. Tweet from @Nero Wolfe:

    @CramerNYPD Don’t be vulgar about me saying you are a twit. I use twit as an abreviation for twitterer.

    Tweet from @Russel Quant from author Anthony Bidulka:

    @agatt Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! Wonderpants now come in fuschia. I’m in heaven!

    Tweet from @sashajackson from author Jill Edmondson:

    @IMHot Sure, come on over so I can take that condom covered cucumber you gave me as a tip and shove it ……

  4. These are both creative and funny and I enjoyed all of them. You can imagine how many followers these fictional sleuths might have had on Twitter or Facebook, probably more than their creators would.

  5. Great tweets Margot but I really am struggling to imagine Hercule Poirot tweeting. Maybe Miss Lemon does it for him.

    • Sarah – Why, thank you 🙂 – You do have a point about Hercule Poirot actually tweeting for himself. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was really Miss Lemon…

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