We Remember…

MCMaxine Clarke was a bright thread that wove through the fabric of the crime fiction community. She drew us together, kept us close and nurtured all of us. Our community has lost a shining light and an important influence. More than that, our community has lost a good, good friend.

So many members of the crime fiction community have taken the time to share their thoughts; it’s really been overwhelming. But it just shows how well liked, respected and admired Maxine was. In her memory, I’ve gathered links to blog posts that various members of the crime fiction community have written in her honour. Each of them is a lovely tribute to a very special person.

I hope you’ll join us in remembering Maxine. If you’d like to share your thoughts, please add the link to your blog post using the Mr. Linky tool below. Click on the Mr. Linky icon to add your link. Then, visit the other posts to read others’ thoughts.



In about a week, I’ll send this worldwide tribute to Maxine’s family, whom I am sure will appreciate knowing that so many people cared about her and remember her. Maxine is no longer with us, but we will never forget her. She will always be a part of our crime fiction community.


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24 responses to “We Remember…

  1. kathy d.

    I’m not subscribed to Mr. Linky, so is there any other way to read these tributes?

    • Kathy – I don’t think you need to subscribe. All you should have to do is click on the Mr. Linky icon you see on the post. If that doesn’t take you to the list of tributes, let me know, please.

  2. Margot: I have added my post. Thanks for taking on the task of organizing the virtual tributes.

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  5. I’ve just used Mr Linky to connect my blog post to yours as well. Hope it has worked… Amanda

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this news. Your last posts have been lovely memorials, Margot. Maxine was a great friend to the crime fiction community.

  7. Thanks for this, Margot. I’ve just added a link to the tribute on my blog.

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  10. Dave Lull


    Nature | Obituary
    Maxine Clarke (1954-2012)
    Philip Campbell
    Nature 493, 13 (03 January 2013) doi:10.1038/493013b

    Published online 02 January 2013

  11. I only discovered this news this evening. I’m so shocked. Maxine was such a lovely lady. I’ve written about her on my blog.


  12. Maria

    I just learnt that Maxine died. She was a friend of mine from 1980 when we were both living in Cambridge. As I returned to Venezuela we saw each other ocasionally once in Venezuela and in my visits to London.
    She was an exceptional human being, generous and bright. My condolences to her daughters.

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