Calling Out Around the World, Are You Ready For a Brand-New Beat?

Kindleshot of In a Word MurderThere’s a lot of excitement here at Confessions of A Mystery Novelist…. Why? Well, I have a very exciting announcement! 


In a Word: Murder is now available as a Kindle release on Amazon!!  Just click on the cover image and see for yourself.


Ina Word Murder Cover


This collection includes a variety of crime stories, all with a focus on crime in the writing, editing, reviewing and blogging world. They’re terrific stories written by talented authors.  You know you want this. And if you don’t, someone you’re buying a gift for probably does. OK, advert over. 😉

This anthology’s a lot more than just any collection of crime stories. Any proceeds will be donated to the Princess Alice Hospice, in memory of Maxine Clarke. Maxine was a dedicated and knowledgeable friend to the crime fiction world, and is sorely missed. By getting a copy of these delicious little crime stories, you’re not only picking up some great stuff to read, you’re also helping a very worthy cause. What could be better?    

OK, maybe, but I couldn’t get hold of Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen to personally visit you. 😉


Don’t want to make a purchase just now? That’s fine. Please help this cause by helping me to spread the word. It would mean a lot. You can talk it up on your blog, tweet about it, or mention it on Facebook or your other social networks. Thanks in advance!


My sincere thanks also go out to all of the contributors. It has been a real honour to work with each of you on this project. I am truly grateful to you all for your hard work and your contribution to this effort.


We did it!! Here’s to you, Maxine…





ps. Please be patient for a day or two if your country’s version of Amazon doesn’t have the book yet. It will very soon.


*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from William ‘Mickey’ Stevenson, Ivy Jo Hunter and Marvin Gaye’s Dancing in the Streets, made famous by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. But ya know, there’s something about the David Bowie/Mick Jagger version too. Oh, and there’s a great Van Halen version as well.


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80 responses to “Calling Out Around the World, Are You Ready For a Brand-New Beat?

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  2. Done. Purchased. Looking forward to reading the stories. And congratulations on getting it all together.

  3. Congratulations, Ms Kinberg! A fitting tribute to Maxine and a great line-up of writers too. Count me in right away.

  4. Margot – got my copy and so has a follower (of mine), and I am about to shout it out there. Thanks for this opportunity and for being able to help the Hospice movement which in the UK is self-funding and therefore relies on donations to pay for their upkeep and every good thing they do. This will make a wonderful gift at this time of year – it is the gift which will keep on giving – so please support the book and the hospice and the authors everyone. Many thanks. 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on Jane Risdon and commented:
    This is the gift which will keep on giving. I do hope you will remember a wonderful lady, provide funds for the hospice which nursed her and also support the contributing authors (including me) by purchasing this anthology via Amazon. A wonderful cause and a great read…she says modestly!

  6. Margot, I think Maxine would be made up if she saw this. What a lovely memorial. 🙂

  7. Yay, found it on Amazon’s UK site and have just bought it. Looking forward to reading it – a work of love.

  8. Just purchased mine and am so looking forward to reading the other stories. Great job putting together this collection, Margot.

  9. Margot: Congratulations on completing the project. Please let me know if it proceeds to being published in paper.

  10. Margot, well done for producing this for such a worthwhile cause.

  11. Went straight over to amazon and bought my copy. Well done Margot – great cause, great memorial to Maxine, and I’m looking forward to some great stories.

  12. Carol R

    Just purchased on I used to read Maxine’s blog every day. This is a great tribute for her.

  13. I’ll be contributing…what a wonderful thing to do! I loved Maxine immensely! I tweeted this, and will be posting at the crime segments!

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  15. What a good thing to do, Margot – well done! I’ve got my copy too and written about it on my blog.

  16. Reblogged this on Raven Crime Reads and commented:

    Contributors are: Martin Edwards (Author), Pamela Griffiths (Author), Paula K. Randall (Author), Jane Risdon (Author), Elizabeth S. Craig (Author), Sarah Ward (Author), Margot Kinberg (Editor).
    Buy from:

  17. What a great tribute to Maxine and such a good cause as well. Thanks to you and the contributors for putting this together and was more than happy to reblog your post at Raven Crime Reads to help spread the word 🙂

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  19. kathy d.

    Congratulations to you, Margot, for organizing and editing this tribute to the late, eminent Maxine Clarke, whose commentary on everything from books to the publishing world to global matters was quite a contribution to so many people’s lives. She would have loved this anthology, I think, and been very touched by the work and dedication that went into its production.
    I’ll wait to get my copy until “In a Word: Murder” is out in paper, and I know I’ll find out when that happens right here.
    And, so good that “Dancing in the Streets,” is posted here. I still remember where I was when I first heard Martha Reeves and the Vandellas sing it, and it remains one of my favorite songs. A classic.

    • Kathy – I love that song too – couldn’t resist using it. And you’re right about Maxine. She made such an important difference in so very many people’s lives. I miss her terribly. As to a paper copy of In a Word: Murder, you’re not the only one who’d like one. I’m anticipating within the next couple of months, there’ll be one, and yes, you’ll hear about it right here.

  20. I’m so pleased to be part of your great project, Margot. Thanks for all your efforts.

  21. I’ll also try to blog about this – it sounds like a good cause.

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  23. Such a lovely tribute to Maxine, Margot. Great work!

  24. Congratulations to you all and all the very best with the book!

  25. Looking forward to reading it, Margot! Hope it’s a big success!

  26. I’ve just got my copy and am really looking forward to tucking in 🙂 Congratulations, Margot, and to all the contributors. The book’s a wonderful tribute to Maxine’s love of crime – and what a truly worthy cause.

  27. Col

    Just broke my self-imposed book buying embargo for this one, but it’s all in a good cause

  28. Keishon

    Congratulations Margot on such a wonderful achievement and tribute to Maxine. You can count me in for purchase.

  29. Off to buy a copy now.

  30. Just posted a blog entry, Margot, with a link to your blog as well as one to Amazon for the book.

  31. congratulations on getting this anthology out there for a good cause, Margot.

  32. Many thanks for all your hard work on this Margot. I’m going to promote the book book tomorrow in a separate post. And yes, let’s raise a glass to the much missed Maxine who I was honoured to think of as a friend.

    • Sarah – It was a real honour to work with you on this project. I appreciate your own hard work and contribution. And thanks very much for being willing to promote it on your blog. Like you, I felt honoured that Maxine considered me a friend, and like you, I miss her very much…

  33. What a great tribute to her, Margot. I’m having trouble with my credit card (not accepting a dollar payment), but will get that sorted out as soon as possible.
    Will post it on social networks too- I hope Monday is not too late

    • Natasha – Thank you so much, both for the kind words and your willingness to be a part of this. I really appreciate your promoting the project. And Monday is most definitely not too late!

      ps. If it’s not already, my understanding is that the book should be up on Amazon India soon. If so, then you should be able to pay for it in your own currency. I hope I’ve got that right.

  34. HI Margot – Bleated congratulations on In a Word: Murder. Good work! I just ordered a Kindle copy. Also I reblogged the article at The Vagrant Mood. I couldn’t get the link to the image to work so I put the image there without the link and added the link in the phrase ‘Kindle release on Amazon.’

  35. I´m stunned. This is such a great gesture. I admire you for your motivation and willingness to help people. I have always loved crime stories so I might give those a chance.

    • Thank you, Jamie. I’ve been honoured to work with some fine contributors who made this happen. If you get the chance to read these stories, I hope you’ll enjoy them.

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  38. Hello Margot, what a wonderful surprise for me to see the finished book today on the Petrona remembered blog.

    I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you all put in so much time and effort to produce this in my Mum’s memory. I know she would have been extremely touched by your kindness, if not a little embarrassed!

    Blogging and the crime fiction world helped my Mum through very difficult times, it meant so much for her to have you all to talk to and share her thoughts with.

    On behalf of my family, thank you so much. I will be sure to spread the message to my family and friends.

    • Hello, Catherine – Thanks for your visit and for your kind words. I’m so pleased that you like the idea of the anthology; that means a great deal to us. Your Mum was a very special part of the crime fiction community, and we all remember her well. Thank you for sharing her with us. From all of us to you and your family – we wish you well.

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