Baby, Look at You Now*


Yesterday I posted some pictures of famous crime writers when they were young, and invited you to guess who they are. As promised, here are the answers  🙂
Young and Adult Ngaio Marsh

Why, look! That adorable child became the one and only Ngaio Marsh!
Young and Adult Colin Dexter

And that fine young man grew into…..Colin Dexter!
Young and Adult Val McDermid

This little lassie could only be…Val McDermid!
Young and Adult Arthur Conan Doyle

This little boy is none other than…Arthur Conan Doyle! Elementary 😉
Young and Adult Patricia Highsmith

This cheerful young lady blossomed into…Patricia Highsmith! Smiles on the outside, but what a skill at inner noir.
Young and adult Michael Connelly

And this serious young man? Well, when you’re Michael Connelly, you have a lot to think about! All those great plots and characters…
Young and Adult Agatha Christie

The devious mind behind that innocent face could only belong to…the ‘Queen of Crime,’ Agatha Christie!
Young and Adult Ian Rankin

Isn’t that a great ensemble? It’s being modeled for us by…Ian Rankin! Wonder if Rebus ever wore somthing like that…
Young and Adult Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton got an early start at reading. Doesn’t seem to have done her any harm…

And finally…
Young and Adult Arthur Upfield

That adventurous young man made the most of his travels in his books. Yes, it’s Arthur Upfield!

So… how did you do? Did you recognise that greatness for what it is? Thanks for playing! Happy Weekend!


*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer’s You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby.


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30 responses to “Baby, Look at You Now*

  1. A Feeble Five for me, but great fun to do.

    • Moira – I really am glad you thought the game was fun. And five isn’t bad, considering that those ‘youth’ pictures really don’t resemble the ‘adult’ pictures that much.

  2. I think I got four but all guesses. Though I was fairly confident about Ian Rankin and Val McDermid – neither of whom seem to have changed much! 😉

  3. If my memory doesn’t tricked me, I got 6 correct: Conan Doyle, Highsmith, Connelly, Christie, Rankin and Grafton.

  4. Great brain-teaser! The only ones I recognized were Conan Doyle and Christie. 😉

  5. Col

    What’s funny is I can’t remember what answers I gave yesterday!

  6. I didn’t attempt the quiz yesterday but I enjoyed going through the then and now pictures of famous crime writers. Frankly, I wouldn’t have known any. Thanks for putting this together, Ms. Kinberg.

  7. Came in late on this post, Margot – but enjoyed the pics – made me smile. I’m currently reading Ian Rankin’s, “Standing in another man’s shoes” and I REALLY can’t see Rebus in that kilt ;o)

  8. kathy d.

    Fiendish quiz indeed! I don’t even know what I got right but this was a challenging test. Some photos resemble the adults, but most don’t.

  9. I didn’t do very well but then I was guessing. It’s much easier now that I can see the answers; kicking myself about Colin Dexter because that is so obvious! Great post I really enjoyed guessing 🙂

    • Cleo – You know, the child Colin Dexter really does look like the adult. Some of the rest…not so much. Some of the really are not at all obvious are they? Glad you had fun!

  10. I think I got six of them. I am like Col, hard to remember because I was guessing. Very interesting group of pictures.

    • Tracy – Guessing or not, 6/10 is a good number, especially considering how little some of the ‘young person’ ‘photos resemble the adults they became. Glad you thought the post was interesting.

  11. Thanks for this past Margot. How we all grow up!

  12. The only ones I knew for sure were Christie and Conan Doyle (no surprises there). But my guesses were pretty accurate too. Think I got 6 or 7 right. But more than that, it was a fun quiz to do.

  13. Nice! Colin Dexter is speaking at an event I’m going to next week. I can’t wait.

  14. Lots of fun and amusing, Margot. 🙂

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