Sorry I Can’t Talk Just Now…

Guest Post 3-4 August 2015 Hi, it’s Margot! Sorry I can’t talk just now. I’ve turned my ‘phone off while I visit Craig Sisterson’s excellent blog Crime Watch. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can.

Or better yet, come on over to Craig’s, where I’m taking part in his First Tastes feature. What’s First Tastes? It’s a series of posts that take a look at different fictional sleuths’ first appearances. I’m very excited to have been invited to participate. I’ll be talking about Agatha Christie’s one-and-only Miss Marple, who makes her debut in The Murder at the Vicarage. Come and visit – Craig’s got an open bar and plenty of nibbles! Besides, Crime Watch is a terrific blog and a rich resource for anyone interested in Kiwi or other crime fiction. See you there!




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10 responses to “Sorry I Can’t Talk Just Now…

  1. Hopping right across. She is my favourite sleuth after all.

  2. Col

    Not my favourite, but I’ll drop by

  3. I’m off to see what you have to say about Miss Marple because although I prefer Poirot I’ve been told I should give her a chance.

  4. Great job, Margot. Those first appearances are always fun and it’s fascinating to watch a detective evolve over time.

    • Thanks, Bryan. Glad you enjoyed the post. I agree that it’s always interesting to see the first impression that sleuths make, and what happens to them over time.

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