Anything Good On? ;-)

TV QuizLet’s face it. Sometimes we all need to relax a bit. And a TV crime drama can be a great way to unwind. Thinking of all those great TV crime shows puts me in mind of…

…a quiz!! Stop it! It’s hardly my fault if you visited this blog today is it? Hmmm??? 😉

There’ve been any number of TV and film adaptations of crime-fictional sleuths’ adventures. And as a dedicated crime fiction fan, you know all your crime dramas don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question with the correct answer. At the end of the quiz, submit your answers to see how well you did. You can also go through your results to see which ones you got correct

Ready? pick up the remote control to begin…if you dare… 😉


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38 responses to “Anything Good On? ;-)

  1. 😆 I love these quizzes, Margot – especially when I know the answers! I reckon 100% proves that I watch far too much TV…

  2. Clarissa Draper

    I’m with Fiction Fan, I watch too much TV. Vera, Misommer Murders, Sherlock and Prime Suspect are some of my favourites.

  3. Margot: It’s a good day in Saskatchewan! I got 100%. Now I wish I could see all the series. It is not easy to see several of these fine series in Canada.

    By the way do you use all the buttons on that remote? I have one just like it. If I have used half of the buttons I am probably exaggerating. I find most remotes “over-buttoned”.

    • Bill – Well done!! I’m quite impressed! OK, next quiz will have to be tougher… I wish some of those series were easier to see in different places too. I had, I’ll admit, quite the time watching a few of them here in the States too.
      And as to the remote? No I don’t use more than just a few buttons. And don’t tell anyone will you, but I also often watch TV on the computer, so I don’t use the remote at all. Perhaps you’re right and there are more buttons than needed on remotes. Especially those used by people like me who are not TV-gamers.

  4. Well, 9/10 wasn’t bad…but a couple were straight-out guesses. Must be my lucky day (should I buy a lottery ticket, perhaps?). Thanks for a fun start to the day.

    • Caron – Nicely done indeed! And trust me, I wish I could guess better than I do… And I hope that if you buy a lottery ticket, you get a big win. And that you share 😉 – Glad you enjoyed the quiz.

  5. I got two right 🙂

  6. Well, for somebody who was only sure about the Sherlock Holmes question, I haven’t done too badly, scoring 50%.:)
    This was fun Margot. Looking forward to the next quiz.

    • Neeru – I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And as you say, you’ve done well considering TV detectives aren’t your great strength. And fear not – there will be another quiz… 😉

  7. kathy d.

    Well, 100%. Means too much TV watching and not enough reading and educational pursuits going on around here. What my parents would say!
    These are good series. BBC’s shows are so good.
    And as a slight aside, everyone who loves good TV mysteries should track down the BBC’s “The Escape Artist,” with David Tennant and Sophie Okanodu. It is brilliant, cat-and-mouse games between barristers and between one barrister and the suspected murderer. One is on the edge of one’s seat every minute. It’s out on dvd now. Got it from my library.
    On to more fiendish quizzes!

    • Kathy – You did brilliantly!! I am very impressed. And don’t worry; TV can be very educational. I agree, too, that some of the BBC shows are terrific. Thanks also for the suggestion about The Escape Artist. That’s one I admit I haven’t (yet) seen, but it sounds good.

  8. Col

    9 for me, much better than last time! cheers

  9. I’m so proud I got 90% on this quiz! not bad from someone who is frequently heard saying I don’t watch much TV! so either I do or all my watching has been detective dramas which is quite possible. Thanks for a brilliant quiz – it was great fun.

    • Cleo – I’m very glad you enjoyed the quiz. And 90% is terrific! You did a great job! And after all, where would be be without detective dramas?

      • Well I’d probably watch no TV at all. After reading the Broadchurch book I’ve finally started watching the TV version, nothing like doing everything back to front. It’s so interesting to see which picks Erin Kelly chose to put in the book and what she left out….

        • Cleo – I know exactly what you mean about going ‘back to front.’ I think it does make a difference whether one reads a book or series first and then watches the adaptation, or vice versa. And with all of the not-so-good things on TV, I’m not surprised you don’t watch much of it.

  10. Considering I watch less than half an hour of TV a week, I’m surprised I got 4 right, and two of them I knew even without guessing 🙂

  11. 100% but then I freely admit I watch nothing but detective dramas on TV. And most of the shows were British – I would have fared less well with American ones, I think.

  12. Oh dear 100% – perhaps I spend too long watching crime dramas 🙂

  13. Fab 🙂 and I got 100% loved it Margot, thanks.

  14. Margot, this was fun. Scored better than I thought I would with a 60%. It’s a great way to remind me of shows and remember characters, thanks.

  15. A fun quiz. 9/10 for me. Pretty good considering several were guesses!

  16. 100%. I haven’t watched all the series, but I wish I could try some of those that I have missed. Only a bit of Inspector Morse, and none of the Inspector Montalbano series.

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