New Technology For the Crime Fiction World ;-)

KebyoardI’m always on the lookout for new technology to help make it easier and more enjoyable for crime writers to do what they do, and for crime fiction readers to enjoy good crime novels. And you know what I’ve noticed? Keyboards. That’s right, keyboards. They’re not always well-designed so that we in the crime fiction world can make the most use of them. So I’ve decided to step in and help. What you’re about to see is the new fully web-integrated CrimeNovel Keyboard! It’s custom-made for the crime writer and for the crime reader. See what you think.


CrimeNovel Keyboard For Crime Writers



As you can see, this keyboard is custom-designed with you in mind. Just take a look. Instead of the usual function buttons, you’ll see there are buttons that are far more useful. Each of the buttons at the top of the keyboard links to a different sort of murder method, and takes the crime writer to all sorts of useful information about that method. No sense getting it wrong, is there?

Now, just take a look at some of the other buttons. You can easily click on the last scene you wrote. And who needs the ‘Caps Lock’ button when you can simply insert tense and meaningful dialogue? Just below that key is the ‘Point of View’ key, so that you can instantly change the point of view you’re using in your manuscript as you go along. And see that green check at the bottom of the keyboard? Just click and your manuscript is checked for consistency! No more characters who have two or three different names, or problems with your timeline! The button right next to it checks your manuscript against hundreds of other books to help you avoid hackneyed plots and stereotyped characters. And since it’s always important for the writer to know, at least every 5 minutes, if there’ve been any new reviews posted, there’s an easy-to-use ‘A’ button that links you to all reviews of your books.

The rest of the keyboard is just as handy.



The three keys at the top left allow you functionality you never imagined. You can save creative ideas for cover design, take a break now and again for a social media check or a game of Bejeweled Blitz, and even set an alarm to take you instantly back to your manuscript after 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

The next row of keys is also quite useful. No more losing those 2AM fantastic ideas! The light bulb button lets you save them with a simple voice recording. They may sound a bit garbled the next morning, but they’ll be saved. Of course….sometimes you do have to go back to the beginning of a manuscript, and the ‘Start Over’ button lets you do just that. Completely dissatisfied with your work? Just shred it and begin again! Ready to submit? There’s a handy ‘Submit’ button too.

And always with an eye to accuracy, this keyboard allows you to check legal precedent, private investigator practice and police procedures with just a few convenient pushes of a button. Couldn’t be easier!!



CrimeNovel Keyboard For Crime Fiction Readers


Crime fiction readers, you haven’t been forgotten! There’s now a specially-designed keyboard just for you! Have a look.




Instead of those old ‘function’ buttons, here are some really useful ones – instant reaction buttons! This keyboard offers the full range of review ratings, too. There’s everything from the ‘Desert Island’ button all the way to irritation and anger. Whatever your rating is, it’s here!

The buttons on the left side of the keyboard are fully optimised so that you can instantly click open the blogs you read the most, be warned when your TBR is at the maximum number you set, and copy memorable quotes from your current read. What better way to keep them for later when you’re writing your review?

At the bottom, you’ll see convenient buttons for checking your TBR, checking your book budget, and adding books to your wish list. Ready to order a book? Click the convenient purchase button! Book lovers who use other vendors can have another key substituted… for a fee…


A quick look at the other side of the keyboard shows you even more of what makes this such a useful little tool.




On the top you’ll see buttons that let you specify things such as violence level, body count, quality of characters, ‘plotholes,’ suspense level, enjoyment level and wit. Very useful to help you write those reviews! Want an author’s back catalogue? Just click the handy button and you get a complete list in order of publication (‘though not necessarily in order of translation…). There are also buttons to notify you when it’s time for a cup of your beverage of choice, or time to order in food, so you don’t have to interrupt your reading. Want to post your review immediately to your blog? There’s a button for that too! And what about those DNF books? Simply use the shredder button to create exactly the review such a book deserves.

The bottom of the keyboard allows you to send your thoughts directly to the author or submit them to public review sites. There’s even a handy alarm to remind you to go to work, take dinner out of the oven or pick your kids up from school.

You’ll quickly find that the CrimeNovel Keyboard helps you in dozens of different ways, whether you write crime fiction, read it, or both. And for those of you who use tablets? No worries – it’s going to be available very soon in a convenient app.

What do you think? Sound like a marketable idea? 😉


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47 responses to “New Technology For the Crime Fiction World ;-)

  1. theresetravis758700495

    I love it! But it needs a key for chocolate.

  2. Oh yes please…I’ll have one as long as there is a wine, tea and liquorice button and one that corrects me when I am dyslexic which is more often than not these days. You are SO clever….now get someone to make it.

  3. I love it too! But a cup of a beverage of choice? How about a glass of wine or a tumbler of stiff G&T? Perhaps in version 2.0?

  4. frantastic

    Will be happy to be a beta tester! 🙂

  5. HahahaHAHA!!! Brilliant, Margot! I loved the writers’ one but the reviewers’ one is even better – loved the ratings buttons! But please don’t give me a button for adding to the TBR…please!!! Also loved the back catalogue in order of publication but not necessarily in order of translation – priceless! And I’m thrilled to discover authors check for reviews as often as reviewers check if anyone has voted on their reviews…!! 😉

    • FictionFan – Oh, I’m so glad you liked this :-). Thank you for the kind words. I have to admit I had fun with those ratings buttons. And don’t worry about the TBR. Remember there’s a button where you can set your TBR at a given limit. Then the keyboard won’t let you add to it. It’s all designed to keep your TBR manageable… Of course, you get to set what that TBR limit is… ;-). And yes, I hate to admit it, but authors do get compulsive at times about reviews. We know better. We do. But every once in a while, the urge just gets too strong. 😉

  6. Do you ever sleep, Margot? You are so full of ideas. I wish some of these ideas would work for me…checking blogs, checking TBR pile, etc.

  7. I would love a custom keyboard for my office – not to bump off my colleagues but with lots of useful shortcuts to get more work done – thanks Margot 🙂

  8. Margot: Did I miss the delete – another serial murder book – key?

    That “a” key is too close a reminder to “A” is for Amazon for me. They do not need your keyboard. In fact, you may find they have invented it next week in the same format you have posted.

    I loved the concept. It was very clever of you.

    My last request is for it to come as an erognomically curved keyboard comparable to the one I am using now.

    • Bill – For now, you are welcome to use the ‘shredder’ key as the delete-another-serial-murder-book key. It’ll do the job until version 2.0 comes out. And about Amazon? Yes, there will definitely need to be some adjustment for that ‘A’ key. That is an example of an omniscient company…
      Glad you liked this idea, and don’t worry; it comes in an ergonomic version.

  9. Reblogged this on D S Nelson and commented:
    Back to the editing today! Think I need one of the CrimeNovel keyboards, designed by Margot Kinberg!

    • D.S. – I’m impressed that you’re focusing as you are on your edits. I’m very much looking forward to Model For Murder. I’ll box one of these keyboards up for you as soon as the come from the warehouse. 🙂

  10. Are they in stores yet? 🙂

    Fantastic idea, Margot!

  11. Simply brilliant! I would buy the crime readers version, what better way to write a review count the bodies as you go, press a button and all those poor souls are inserted.

  12. I love it! Also agree about the chocolate. Glad it can be added 🙂

  13. Wonderful concept Margot. This is very imaginative.

  14. This is brilliant, Ms. Kinberg. Marketable? I think it’d run! Do you think I could have a custom-made keyboard with a key that says “Blog Post” which will publish my piece, with text and pictures, the instant I press it?

    • I mean one where I don’t have to write a post or review but merely think one up…and, lo, there it is!

      • Prashant – Ah, I see what you mean! What you’re interested in is a mind-access key that takes your thoughts and turns them into a blog post or review….hmmm. Interesting concept. I’ll have to tell our Research and Development people about your idea. It’s quite interesting!

    • Prashant – I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you for the kind words. And I’m glad you think it’ll sell. And that ‘Submit” button is exactly what you need to publish your post, pictures and all. It’s a very handy key.

  15. How cool! How about a key with Hitchcock’s profile?

  16. What a brilliant idea. You aren’t looking for Beta Testers, are you?
    The only button I want added is coffee/ chocolate. That would make it perfect

    • Natasha – Thank you 🙂 – And I’ll put you on the beta tester list. And you’re right; I really must ensure that a ‘chocolate’ button is added onto the next version.

  17. Creative, fun and cool. 🙂

  18. Col

    My work keyboard seems to be made up entirely of angry face buttons.

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