The Latest From Your Special Reporter ;-)


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30 responses to “The Latest From Your Special Reporter ;-)

  1. Have a great time Margot. It sounds like a fascinating way to teach your students.

  2. Cocktails, eh? What a martyr you are to the cause of education, Margot! Have fun! 😀

  3. Have a great session, Margot– and avoid dehydration at that altitude!!

    • Thanks on both counts, Rebecca! I’ve been really careful about making sure I have enough water to drink, and the session went well, I believe. At least I didn’t notice anyone falling asleep…

  4. kathy d.

    Wow, what a combination: teaching, good conversation, a beautiful setting and cocktails! Sounds like it could be the start of a beautiful novella.

  5. Col

    Hope it goes well.

  6. Margot, you’re hikarious, a gem and I love you! Wish I was somewhere near Denver so I could got to that workshop! Good luck! :-)x

  7. Glad it went well – I bet you were brilliant!

  8. Sounds like the students are in for a treat. Have a great (and safe) time, Margot.

    • Bryan – LOL! On my way to the conference, I met a family on the same flight I was taking. Mum and Dad were both wearing bright orange Broncos sweatshirts. I decided it was a good thing I wasn’t wearing my San Diego Chargers shirt… Doesn’t matter – I’m an Eagles supporter anyway…

  9. What a great topic! Have a wonderful trip….

  10. tracybham

    I love the idea of that workshop, Margot. And I can tell you are having fun.

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