Chill Out! ;-)

Polar Bear Arctic QuizIt’s the time of year when the weather is getting warm in the Southern Hemisphere, and you may want to think cooler thoughts. In the Northern Hemisphere it’s starting to get very cold, and you may want a reminder that there are probably places colder than where you live. Either way it’s a good time for…

…a quiz!  I don’t want to hear it! Nobody forced you to come here today! 😉


A lot of crime fiction takes place in very cold climates. And as a dedicated crime fiction fan, you know all of your Arctic crime fiction, don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question with the correct answer. At the end of the quiz, submit your answers to see how well you have done. You can also go back through your answers to see which ones you got correct.


Ready? Put your parka on to begin… if you dare 😉




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32 responses to “Chill Out! ;-)

  1. Ooh, Margot! That was a killer quiz! I think I’ve got frostbite! Even my legendary guessing skills only got me up to 50% – I’m off for a cup of hot chocolate… 😉

  2. Hurrah! 100% but feeling the frostbite. Brrrrr…. 🙂

  3. I got 90%, which is amazing because I guessed at over half of them. Very fun. I missed the question about M.J. McGrath, so I better go read my copy of the first book in that series.

  4. Greaty quiz as always Margot. Got 90%, I missed the last one.

  5. Well I do wish you’d warn us before we visit for a test! I managed to wing a 60% today – not too shabby but nowhere near an expert on this subject

  6. Tough, tough quiz. I’m just ‘frosted’ by my results : 5/10. Actually not bad since most were guesses 🙂

  7. Kathy D.

    I got 100%. Not that I’ve read all of these series, but I have read a good number of them. But I read informative blogs, like this one! And I have two friends who love all things Arctic, including books. One of them just got back from an archaeological trip to Denmark and Greenland, after spending time in Alasks. So, I hear about lots of books from them.

    • Kathy – That’s brilliant! I’m extremely impressed! Very well done! Doesn’t matter how you got the information, you have a good memory. And thanks for the kind words 🙂

  8. Clarissa Draper

    Some of the names I’ve not heard of nor could I pronounce. However, I did great on the Canadian questions.

    • Clarissa – I have trouble pronouncing them too. Fortunately I’m not a narrator for audio books… 😉 – I’m happy for you that you did well on the Canadian questions.

  9. Keishon

    This one was easier. Earned 90% on my quiz. Most of the authors are ones I’ve read or heard about. Thanks! Your quizzes are always fun, Margot.

  10. Col

    Better than last time – 9/10 for me! Cheers

  11. Margot: It is a great day in Saskatchewan. Only about -12C and I got 10 of 10!

    Reading the quiz I think I may have introduced you to a couple of the authors.

    I appreciate you put up a photo of a real parka. Moira has had a couple photos of “parkas” that were only going to warm the women wearing them during photo shoots.

    I was wearing my cold weather parka today as we were driving on the highway and wanted the heavy duty parka. Nothing happened but you need to respect winter in the Great White North.

    I think it is time you put on your parka from your mid-Western days and headed north to experience some real winter.

    • Bill – Brilliantly done! I’m most impressed! And you’re right; you did introduce me to one or two of those authors.
      As to parkas, yes, there are parkas and there are parkas. Some are just for show; others actually do the work of keeping you warm. And still others keep you even warmer when really bad weather hits. As you say, winter in the north must be respected. You will appreciate why I can’t help laughing when local radio and television stations mention a ‘winter storm.’ By that they mean some rain. Really? Rain? But that’s what they call a winter storm.
      And one of these days I’d love to put on parka, toque, scarf, gloves and the right shoes and head north for a visit. People where I live now complain about the cold if they need a light jacket…

  12. Ha, and I thought I knew my Arctic climate… but didn’t know about Nathan Active! Still, not too bad – many of my favourites in there – and a few to discover.

  13. I only got 4 this time Margot – much to learn 🙂

  14. Remembering plots is not my strong suit so I will sit back and watch.

    • Patti – I think for some of us it’s characters or writing style or something else that stays in our minds. I think that’s possibly especially true for bibliophiles like you who’ve read so much.

  15. RT

    I am shamelessly bragging about my 90%. Perhaps my year and a half in Iceland helped.

    • RT – I think it’s certainly brag-worthy! That’s excellent! And I’ll bet you had a memorable time in Iceland. It’s one of the places I would really like to visit.

  16. Well, this was a tough quiz. I only scored 7/10. A couple of authors I have not had a chance to read yet and who is Stan Jones?! I obviously have some work/reading to do LOL
    Thanks for the fun & challenging quiz Margot 🙂

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