Gone to the Dogs…and Cats ;-)

Pets QuizEven if you’re not owned by a pet, you know how important they are to many people. In fact, pets are so important that they really deserve…


…a quiz!! Oh stop it! If you don’t study, it’s hardly my fault is it? 😉

Like many people, fictional sleuths are often owned by dogs or cats, or at least interact with them. And as a dedicated crime fiction fan, you know all of the series and stories that include pets, don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question to the correct answer. When you’ve finished, submit your answers to see how well you’ve done. You can also go through and find out which answers you got correct.


Ready? Pick up the doggie treats to begin – if you dare… 😉



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34 responses to “Gone to the Dogs…and Cats ;-)

  1. Grump. TWO wrong. And while one was someone I’ve never read about (Elly Griffiths?), the other was AN AGATHA CHRISTIE question. And I got it wrong. Do you realize what you’ve just done to my self-esteem? (Sobs uncontrollably.)

  2. I, on the other hand, am feeling quite chuffed that I scored as much as Les…

  3. I am amazed. I got 100% and I was sure I would do horrible. At least 4 were guesses.

  4. Well that was one of the better ones! 70% which I’m quite proud of although of course would get the comment ‘could do better’

  5. Margot: It is a tough day and to get 100% was a nice boost. I enjoyed the quiz.

  6. A fairly satisfactory 70% – my guessing wasn’t too successful this time round though. And I nearly stumbled on the Agatha Christie question…which the cats would have found unforgiveable… 😉

    • You know, FictionFan, of all questions you really ought to get right… 😉 – Still, as you say, 70% isn’t a bad score at all. And trust me, my guessing is pathetic!

  7. I surprise myself by actually getting a few right 🙂 Love your quizzes Margot they are such fun. Bob The Dog and Dempsey Dog say hello.

  8. Luckily the cat who owns me reminded me of a few of the answers: still only 8 out of 10 right, though. One was an author I’d never heard of, though, but Agatha Christie! Must try harder next time…

  9. Since I didn’t know most of these books I did horrible! Ah, well, at least it doesn’t go toward our overall grade. Or, does it? LOL

  10. Kathy D.

    I got 90% which I’m find with, as I guessed two correctly and another guess was wrong, as I’m not familiar with many Agatha Christie books — and while I eliminated two detectives, I wasn’t sure about the others. The two I guessed were educated guesses. But also, I haven’t read any Sherlock Homes since I was a teenager back in the Renaissance — and frankly, who can remember back that far?
    Great quiz: And as a Portuguese proverb says: Any house without a cat or dog is the home of a scoundrel!

    • Kathy – A 90% is a terrific score! Well done! The fact is, it’s impossible to remember every book one’s read, especially if it was a long time ago. Glad you enjoy ed the quiz, and thanks for that proverb.

  11. Kathy D.

    Is that one of your dogs pondering what to write on the computer? Is it a dachshund, a wonder dog, in my opinion.

    • Kathy – That is indeed one of my canine overlords. His name is Mr. Metoo. He isn’t a dachshund (although I agree with you about what great dogs they are!). Mr. Metoo is half Basset and half I-have-no-idea.

  12. Kathy D.

    Maybe Mr. Metoo (a great name) is part Beagle, too. I have heard that Basset Hounds and Beagles are the least aggressive breeds towards people. I believe it. Anyway, you are lucky to be looked over by him.

  13. Col

    8/10 not too bad – I think I knew rather than guessed the correct answers. Great fun – cheers!

  14. 6/10. Not bad. Largely guesses … 🙂

  15. Only 70% – I could have got 8 out of 10 if I had run upstairs to cheat 🙂 hee hee……….
    I have Elly Griffiths first book but have yet to read it – but then to cheat, that would not have been fair.
    Next time i’ll have read the book & be prepared Hah!

    Thanks for the fun & games

    • Glad you enjoyed the quiz, Anne. An 7/10 isn’t bad at all, and now you don’t have to have it on your conscience that you cheated 😉
      I hope you’ll get the chance to read the first Elly Griffiths novel about Ruth Galloway. That’s a great series, in my opinion.

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