I Thought I Knew You*

LovelyBlogAWardI’m so excited and honoured that writer and blogger Alison Gray has awarded Confessions of a Mystery Novelist… this  
One Lovely Blog Award!!

Isn’t it fantastic? Thank you, Alison! Folks, do go visit Alison’s fabulous crime writing blog. You won’t regret it.

I’m supposed to pass the baton along to other blogs, but the fact is, there are far too many excellent blogs out there for me to do that. So instead, go choose a couple of blogs from the blog roll on my sidebar. Go say ‘Hello!’ Tell ’em Margot said they’re lovely blogs.
Now, this blog award also comes with the request that you share seven things about yourself. Well, the fact is, for one thing, this blog isn’t about me. It’s about crime fiction. Besides, you know all about me already.

Don’t believe me??? Let’s have a bit of fun. See for yourself what you know about me. Just answer a few simple questions, and at the end, click to send your answers and see how well you did. And don’t worry; I won’t look if you have to toggle back to my blog here and there…

Ready? click on my logo to begin!


*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from The Beatles’ I’m Looking Through You


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35 responses to “I Thought I Knew You*

  1. I’m feeling quite pleased with myself, as it was only the snack of choice that I got wrong! Perhaps because I quite like all of your four proposals! Congratulations on your award – there’s no one who deserves it more!

    • You did very well, Marina Sofia!! Impressive! And you know, I like all of those treats, too. It’s just that that one particular one is especially irresistible for me… And thank you so much *blush* for the kind words.

  2. I got your animal wrong, but otherwise all correct…..

  3. Well, Margot, I got 100% in record time and no toggling! I must have been paying attention in class! May I please have a gold star? πŸ˜‰

  4. Margot: Hmmmm, I think we have spending quite of time together on the net! I was 100% and no toggling. I just realized I know more about your life than the lives of many people I have lived with in Melfort for years. I have not thought about the information that filters through our blog posts. I am very glad to have come to know you through the virtual world. Every day is brighter by being able to read your blog.

    • Oh, Bill, that’s so very kind of you! It means a lot to me. So do your visits to my blog. And it is interesting isn’t it how we get to know others in the blogosphere so well, but not people who live on the same street. I don’t now what that says about people, but I do think we reveal ourselves in our blogs.

  5. Kathy D.

    I got 100% quickly. I have been paying attention. And your blog is a lovely place in which to stop during the day, always interesting posts and discussion — and, of course, the music is excellent.
    Congratulations on the award — well-deserved, at that.

  6. Clarissa Draper

    I got 100%! However, in honesty, I guess at a couple of the answers. I learned a couple of things today.

  7. Ooops……….no prizes for me! But on the up-side I now know so much more about you than before πŸ™‚
    Congrats on the award & happy reading & blogging🐝

  8. See I was paying attention πŸ™‚ 100%

  9. Kathy D.

    Thank you. And I agree on your choice of snack! I have to keep away from that particular item, which I eyed at a 7/11 right near my house.

  10. Well done Margot – you definitely deserve it πŸ™‚

  11. I got 5 out of 7. We have known each other a while….

  12. What a brilliant idea and although I’m afraid I didn’t get them all right, I didn’t know you had dogs or where you considered home but I do know now! Congratulations on your award and for giving us fun in the process,

  13. tracybham

    Congratulations, Margot, and well deserved. I only missed the sweet treat question.

  14. I didn’t do too well…but the music one was very easy. That and the “other career” one. Apart from that, I’m saying nothing. Great idea though, and super fun!

  15. Col

    Oops, need to pay closer attention 5/7

  16. Congratulations, Margot, and thanks again for an entertaining quiz.

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