Crime Fiction News Break


Links You’ll Want

The next Millennium novel, That Which Does Not Kill

Emirates Literary Festival 

Malice Domestic/Agatha Awards

Margaret River Readers’ and Writers’ Festival

Martin Edwards

Syndicate Books 

Catherine Aird – winner of the CWA’s Diamond Dagger Award

Rebecca Bradley

Crime Book Club


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34 responses to “Crime Fiction News Break

  1. You have a lovely voice Margot! I read about Catherine Aird’s Diamond Dagger, but I’m not familiar with her. Must investigate. Also looking forward to the Margaret Millar books coming back out. I’ve got a couple (one I found in my parents’ house, published in 1976!) Suspect my uncle or aunt, who live in Vancouver, may be responsible!

    • Thank you, Crimeworm 🙂 – Glad you enjoyed this. I’m really pleased about the Millar books coming out; I think she had real talent that ought to be rediscovered. And I do recommend Catherine Aird – quite a lot of talent there too.

  2. Ha! I caught the chocolate candy at the end. Good thing the crew remembered to fill the bowl. Heads would have rolled!

  3. Margot: With all the crime fiction news I think you are headed to half hour broadcasts.

    I trust no poison in-or-on the chocolate.

    • Bill – You know, I’m wondering about that myself (the time, I mean). There were a few items I thought of including, but didn’t so as not to go on too long. Perhaps I may think of lengthening the broadcast. I’ll have to see. And about the poison. Well…so far so good…

  4. Good to see your assistant hasn’t managed to get rid of you yet – though you’re very brave to eat that chocolate…

  5. Kathy D.

    Thank you for a lovely round-up. And, yes, soon it will need to be the Crime Fiction News Hour as there is so much to report.
    And glad to see those chocolate almonds appeared.
    Chocolate is so essential to life really.

    • Kathy – Yes, there’s always a lot going on in crime fiction isn’t there? I honestly don’t know whether I’ll expand the broadcast, but I might. And you’re right about chocolate. As far as I’m concerned it’s a major food group.

  6. Hi Margot, Bean and I watched together this time. She was enthralled! I think I’ll have to give the new Martin Edwards book a go. I do like his stories. 😀

    • So glad you and Bean enjoyed the broadcast, D.S.! Lovely to have a new viewer :-). And I think Edwards is really very talented. His short stories are at least as good as his novels are, too.

  7. Margot I just stumbled in by accident and so pleased I have. We are hooked up on Twitter as you know but I am having trouble finding crime writing/ers blogs to follow and now I am here. Off to check everything out…xx

  8. I love these little news items. So informative. I am reading Mystery in White by Farjeon J Jefferson, from the British Library collection, and enjoying it a lot. Martin wrote the forward for it so I thought I would give it a go. 🙂 Glad Bean is enjoying the news DS Nelson….start them early.

    • Thanks, Jane! And it’s good to hear you’re enjoying Mystery in White. I think it’s wonderful that the British Library is making some of those classic stories available again. And with an Introduction by Martin Edwards, you’ll also get some really interesting background too. 🙂 And yes, the sooner they start on crime fiction, the better! 🙂

  9. I love it when you do a roundup Margot – makes me feel well-informed. And, btw, I just KNOW the studio audience was there, watching in silence (apart from the sharp intake of breath when you produced the chocolate almond).

  10. I’ve just finished Rebecca’s book. Very enjoyable!

  11. tracybham

    Lots of interesting info here Margot. I did not know of Martin Edward’s Capital Crimes. Also the availability of Margaret Millar’s books sounds good. And I was thrilled to hear that Catherine Aird had been awarded the Diamond Dagger. She deserved it.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Tracy. Aird really deserved that award. I do recommend Millar’s books if/when you get the chance. They tend to be darker, psychological novels, and l think, by and large, they’re well-written. And I’m very happy for the release of Capital Crimes. Edwards is very talented.

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