Don’t Ask Me Why*

LiebsterBlogQuestionsThere’s a lot of excitement here at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist…. Author A.R. Rivera has been kind enough to award Confessions… this terrific Liebster Blog Award! Isn’t it lovely?

Now, this award comes with a request to answer eleven questions. So….here goes.


1. What is your greatest passion?

I’d have to say writing. But I love music, too.


2. How old were you when you discovered this passion?

I wrote my first (mercifully forgettable) short story when I was, I think, ten years old. I’ve not looked back since.


3. Name your biggest celebrity crush:

Ahh, anyone who knows me can answer this question! It’s the Piano Man himself, Billy Joel.


4. All-time favorite novel:

I’m going to hedge on this one, because I’ve loved several novels. I honestly really couldn’t pick just one.


5. What was it about that story/character drew you to that particular novel?

Again, I’m hedging here. For each novel that I’ve truly loved, there’s been something distinctive about the character or setting or plot that especially drew me in. But that distinctive thing is different for each book.


6. Favorite TV show?

I really liked Jerry Bruckheimer’s Cold Case very much and was sorry to see it go. It may not have been the most realistic or deep show, but there was something about it that really appealed to me. Perhaps it was the careful and effective use of soundtracks for the various episodes. And I do like mystery plots that tie together the past and the present.


7. What is your pet peeve?

Probably lack of consideration. That can take many different forms, from not answering an email reasonably promptly, to cutting in front of another driver without signaling, to having a long, loud telephone conversation in public. And those are just a few examples. There are seven billion of us on this planet; we all have to learn to live with each other. I think it’s important to keep in mind that what we do impacts other people.


8. If you could meet any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I think I would richly enjoy a conversation with Agatha Christie. She was a really interesting person with so much writing talent. I’ll bet I could learn an awful lot from her and I’d love that opportunity.


9. Would you rather have super-strength or super-intelligence?

Hmmm… super-intelligence.


10. What one thing are you most proud of?

Professionally, I’m most proud of the fact that my writing hasn’t stagnated. I really think, honestly, that it’s gotten a bit better over time. Writing isn’t easy; sticking with it is even harder.


11. Name your favorite band and post your favorite song.

If I had to choose just one band, it would be The Beatles.


So there you have it: eleven more pieces of random and unnecessary information about me. ;-). At this point, I’m supposed to nominate other bloggers for this award. But there are honestly too many blogs I really admire and too many bloggers from whom I learn every day. So instead, I’ll invite you to visit some of the great blogs listed on my sidebar. Tell ‘em Margot sent you. And please do yourself a favour and visit A.R. Rivera’s terrific blog site!


*NOTE: The title of this post is the title of a Billy Joel song.


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30 responses to “Don’t Ask Me Why*

  1. Nice to find out a little more about you, Margot. And yes, I think I may have guessed a little about your Billy Joel passion… Also, I love that lack of consideration comment – so, so true!

    • Glad you enjoyed this, Marina Sofia. Yes, I don’t exactly hide my Billy Joel obsession very well, do I 😉 – Oh, well, we’re all adolescents about something. You’re right, too: lack of consideration comes up in so many big and little ways. It doesn’t take much time or effort, and it usually costs nothing, to think of the impact that what we do and say has on others. It bothers me when people don’t do that.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions, Margot. I enjoy Billy Joel’s music, as well.

  3. How nice to hear a little bit more about you Margot – I’m with you on the pet peeve.

  4. Really interesting answers there Margot, as well as that huge surprise about where today’s song quotation comes from… I’m glad to hear you are a Beatles fan too. I already knew about Christie…

    • Thanks, Moira. I figured you’d be completely taken by surprise by the post title… And I suppose I haven’t done a good job of hiding my admiration for Christie’s work, have I??

  5. I think the love of Christie and Joel was coming through loud and clear Margot 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Margot: Congratulations on the award. I certainly knew a part of your heart belongs to Billy but am wondering how long this passion has been in your life and what first drew you to him.

    • Thanks, Bill. I’ve actually been a fan for a very long time – several decades. I think what very first drew me to him and his music was his talent. If you listen to songs such as Prelude/Angry Young Man, you really see the technical skill and the passion. Beyond that, though, he’s always struck me as down-to-earth about it all. He was once asked about his longevity in the business, and responded that it’s because he’s competent. By that he meant he learned the basics – thoroughly. No ‘magic gift – ‘ just hard work and refining. I respect that. I also have always appreciated that he respects his fans. I could tell several stories about that, but I won’t go on. For all of his faults (and I won’t deny they’re there) he knows what it’s like to be a fan, and more importantly, he takes his work seriously. At every show I’ve attended, he puts out the best he can each time. No ‘phoning it in.’ And he has fun doing it, and a sense of wit – even when he makes mistakes. What’s not to love?

  7. Another Billy Joel fan here, Margot. It was my husband who introduced me to his music – we’ve never had the pleasure of seeing him live! And I couldn’t agree more with your pet peeve.

    • So good to know you’re a Billy Joel fan too, Margaret! I think his music is fantastic. And I must admit, I do get irritated at lack of consideration. It doesn’t take much to think about the impact of what we do on others, but some folks don’t.

  8. I like finding out more about you Margot! I can easily imagine you and Agatha sipping tea (while Rubber Soul plays in the background ). And I’m with you on inconsiderate behavior being an aggro!

    • Thanks, Jan! And I would love to have a cup of tea with Agatha (nice choice of music, too!). You’ve created a great scene there! As far as lack of consideration goes, I sometimes wish I were more patient about it, but it really does irritate me.

  9. Nice interview! I can’t blame you for not being able to pick a favorite novel. I might be able to pick a favorite *author*, but not a favorite book.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. And that’s just the thing: there are far too many great books out there for me to choose just one. I think that’s what happens when you read; the more you read, the more wonderful books there are out there.

  10. I enjoyed finding out more about you. I, too, liked Cold Case. The way they worked the music in was genius, IMO. We have the same pet peeves, too.

  11. Wonderful interview. I enjoyed learning more about you. It’s so true the distinction that draws one into a book (character, setting or plot) is different for each book and so that’s probably why one could read a dozen books on the theme of betrayal, for example, and all are both similar and distinctively different.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Carol. And I think you’re absolutely right about the ways in which different books handle the same theme. I think it’s partly that each author approaches things just a bit differently, and with a slightly different voice. For me, anyway, that’s part of what makes each book unique.

  12. Congratulations, Margot. One thing I like about your blog is that you mix your love of music with your passion for mysteries. Even though I am woefully uneducated in the area of music.

  13. Kathy D.

    Good to know this information. And “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I like the Beatles, too. I have to add though, that a TV show brought up Bob Marley’s music this morning; anchors gave their favorites, and it brought me to listening to many of his songs on You Tube. Such a talented musician.
    And agree on lack of consideration. I’m sometimes amazed at what people do. I just told a young man I know well that he has to learn tact and diplomacy. Such an important skill to have to deal with people. It should be taught in school!

    • Oh, yes, Kathy, Bob Marley was a real talent! He’s sadly missed. And I think it would be great if young people were taught tact, diplomacy and the like. Some are, of course, but others…well, are not. I’m sometimes amazed, myself (and not in a good way), at what I see people do and say.

  14. Col

    Can’t beat a bit of Billy Joel!

  15. Lin

    I agree with your pet peeves. Lack of consideration irritates me so much. They use freedom of speech as a tool to say something inconsiderate and hurt the feeling of others/a group of people. And freedom to do something that can cause others to suffer as a result from their action! They can use a bit of common sense and tact, really.

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