Tell Me, Who Are You*

Profile-Pic-MaleOne of the things writers have to do is create protagonists, hopefully interesting ones. And I’m honoured and excited that Jane Risdon has asked me to share about my protagonist, Joel Williams.

Since I write crime fiction, my protagonist is the sleuth, but he’s not in the police (any more) nor is he a PI. Want to find out more about him? Please come visit me at Jane’s excellent blog. Joel’s not usually one to seek out the limelight, but just for today, he’s kindly allowed me to tell you about him.

You’ll want to have a look around her blog, too. Jane is a skilled crime writer who was kind enough to contribute stories for the anthology In a Word: Murder. She’s also got a fascinating and rich background in the music industry. Oh, and her photography is fabulous. Do check it all out.


*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from The Who’s Who Are You.


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16 responses to “Tell Me, Who Are You*

  1. Margot it is a pleasure and a privilege to share Joel Williams with everyone and to introduce him and you to new readers. Thanks so much for your kind words; I am having a secret hop up and down with delight. I love your blog and I love your writing and I just know that others will too. Thanks for indulging me today. It’s a blast!

  2. Col

    Enjoyed meeting your main man, not discounting the real Mr MK!

  3. What a fun interview! Joel sounds like a well-rounded and interesting character. I love that he’s a cop turned professor. And I think you’re right about university campuses being great landscapes for a crime novel. It’s gong on my TBR list!

    • Aww…thank you, Sue 🙂 I wanted a character who is in a lot of ways a ‘regular guy.’ That is, no superpowers, no huge psycho-emotional ‘baggage,’ and so on. And since I know campuses, I figured that might be a good place to set my series. Glad you enjoyed learning more about Joel!

      • I meant to tell you how much I loved that you had Joel owned by his dog. I’d love to read a post about dogs in crime fiction. Interested?

        • Thanks, Sue. It just felt right to have a dog in there. And you’re absolutely right that there are a lot of canine overlords in crime fiction. I actually did a post about it something like a year ago. Here it is, if you’re interested. Maybe at some point I’ll do another…

  4. Glad everyone is enjoying Joel! 🙂

  5. Sometimes you get to understand yourself better through creating characters.

  6. Love to hear about Joel and what fabulous questions Jane asked!

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