Island Hopping ;-)

Islands QuizReady for your winter getaway? Your summer holiday? Well, there’s nothing like an island for a nice trip….


….or a quiz!! Oh, come on! Did you really think it’d be safe to visit this blog? 😉


There’s nothing like an island for a holiday, a quick getaway, or just a break for some peace and quiet. And as a dedicated crime fiction fan, you know all of your crime-fictional islands, don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question with the correct answer and see how well you do!


Ready? Head towards the beach to begin…if you dare 😉


Beach Island Quiz


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26 responses to “Island Hopping ;-)

  1. A stonking 90%! Admittedly three were guesses, but still… 😉

  2. Well that was fun. Lots of guesses, but I still got 90%. And the one I got wrong was the Christie.

  3. I only got 60% but at least I discovered a couple of author/island combos I’d like to read.

  4. Kay

    I got 80% and was surprised I knew that many. Fun quiz!

  5. Well I’m thrilled with my 70% especially as I’m more than a little rubbish at geography. Thanks for another of your wonderful quizzes.

  6. I did terrible on this one! I guess I don’t know my crime islands. 😦

  7. Col

    7/10 for me – I changed my mind on a couple of guesses and paid ……doh!

  8. Margot: I did very well on everything but Agatha Christie. I was 9/10. I generally stumble in your quizzes on Christie questions. Maybe I am going to have go back to reading some of her books so I can answer the questions involving her writing.

    • Same here, Bill, I was most surprised! I really have to go back to Agatha Christie at some point, it’s been far too long!

    • A 9/10 is an excellent score, Bill. Very nicely done indeed! And the thing about crime fiction is that there’s so much of it (and a lot of it is good) that it’s hard to keep track of even books and authors one’s read.

  9. Kathy D.

    Me, too. Guess I have company in getting 70%. I don’t know Agatha Christie’s books nor have I read Charlie Chan. There was one more I didn’t know.

  10. I got 100% , made my day. Great quiz Margot, and this platform seems good.

  11. Kathy D.

    There is also Devil, Devil with murder on the rarely mentioned Solomon Islands.

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