Crime Fiction News Break


Links You’ll Want

BritCrime Online Festival 

Theakston’s Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival

Petrona Award

Arthur Ellis Awards

Dean Street Press 

Interview with Anna Jacquiery

Patricia Abbott

Concrete Angel 


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16 responses to “Crime Fiction News Break

  1. Thanks for that, Margot – always enjoy these roundups! 🙂

  2. I LOVE the new section where you share the inspiration behind Concrete Angel as well as a blurb from the author. Nice touch to an already fabulous Crime Fiction News Break.

    • Thank you, Sue! I’m very glad that worked for you. This isn’t an interview or review blog, an author promo blog or ‘blog tour’ blog. I just don’t do those things. However, Patti Abbott is a talented author, and her release is newsworthy. I thought this would be a feasible way to let people know about this great release, and at the same time, keep to the purpose of the blog. Very happy to hear it went all right.

  3. Margot: You are looking good – suitably news anchor in that nice jacket.

    Thanks for mentioning the Arthur Ellis winner for Best Novel. I am about a week away from reading Plague.

  4. Col

    Margot, thanks for the update. I’ll have to look into Concrete Angel. I have her Home Invasion on my kindle, unread as yet!

  5. Nice slice of news as ever Margot, and like others I enjoyed the more extended look at Concrete Angel.

    • Thanks, Moira – on both counts. As I say, I thought it a feasible balance between wanting to let folks know about a new book, and wanting to maintain the focus of the blog.

  6. Kathy D.

    Thanks for the crime fiction news update. Also, for pronouncing Yrsa Siggurdadottir’s name. I’ve never heard it aloud, just read it, so now I know the correct pronunciation.
    Also, another news bulletin: Everyone should obtain “In Bitter Chill,” by Crime Pieces blogger Sarah Ward. But clear your schedule: Once you pick it up, you will not put it down until the last page is turned.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the broadcast, Kathy. I do my best with pronunciation, ‘though of course I’m not sure I get those names correct. And it’s good to hear you liked In Bitter Chill as much as you did.

  7. Kathy D.

    Sarah Ward’s book is why I read mysteries, to open up a book and do nothing else until it’s finished. There went my night and day. It’s like my reading vacation days, shut out the world, read and eat frozen yogurt.

  8. Kathy D.

    It made me remember why I like reading, especially crime fiction, although a good nonmystery is a treat, too. It also made me wake up and smell the coffee and decide not to read books that don’t interest me, that I do not have to finish. We’re all getting older — and as a reader-friend says, don’t spend time reading books that you aren’t enjoying. Note to self.
    And if my vacation days are spent reading fiction, it has to be good!

    • You have a well-taken point, Kathy. There’s only so much reading time that anyone has. So it only makes sense to read books that are interesting. If a book doesn’t engage you, no law ever says you have to finish it.

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