Everybody Had a Good Time*

Petrona RememberedA year ago, Bill Selnes at Mysteries and More From Saskatchewan came up with a wonderful plan. His idea was that we could create a body of reviews of terrific crime novels, and pay tribute to the late, and much-missed, Maxine Clarke at the same time.

What Bill had in mind was that each month, a crime fiction blogger would provide a review that would go up simultaneously on that blogger’s site and at Petrona Remembered, the crime fiction site set up in Maxine’s memory. The reviews would be of books we’d read during the year that we would recommend to Maxine.

So how did the year go? I’m delighted to report that during the last twelve months, there’ve been eleven excellent book reviews of fine crime fiction that I’m sure Maxine would have liked. To all of you who took part in this – thank you. It means more than you know that you took the time to make this happen.

So what happens now? Well, here’s the rest of Bill’s plan. We can keep this collection of book reviews going, and make sure it stays dynamic. If each of you who contributed a review last year is willing to do so again this year, we’ll have a whole new year of great book reviews to look forward to reading. And we’ll have the chance to talk about books that perhaps weren’t released last year.

How will it work? If you’ll be willing to send in a review for the same month this year that you did last year, we’re well on our way. For example, I contributed my review in August of last year, and I intend to do so again this August. If you contributed a review last year, but don’t remember which month, no worries – I have a handy spreadsheet that has all of that information. If you contributed a review last year, but want a different month this year, also fine. We can work things out. If you didn’t contribute a review last year, but want to be a part of it this year, that’s wonderful! We’d love to have you!

I truly hope you’ll consider keeping this crime-fictional fire burning. Here’s how:

  • Check the excellent blog Petrona Remembered. There you’ll see your own review, if you contributed one, and others’ reviews, so you’ll have a sense of what we’ve been doing. You can also check the ‘About’ page to find out a little more about Maxine if you didn’t have the privilege of getting to know her.

  • Decide whether you are willing and able to commit to a review this year during the same month you did last year (if you contributed), or during a month that particularly works for you (If you weren’t at the party last year but want to come along this year).

  • Send me an email (margotkinberg (at) gmail (dot) com), confirming the month you’d like. I’ll get right back to you about it.

  • Get your review ready during ‘your’ month and send it to me. I’ll take it from there.


See? Easy as!

Thanks again to all who participated last year, and let’s hope this will be another great year!


*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from The Beatles’ I’ve Got a Feeling.


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26 responses to “Everybody Had a Good Time*

  1. Count me in Margot it is such a great project and I’ve really enjoyed reading the variety of reviews that were published this year.

  2. Love to do it again, Margot, and the same month works fine for me. I imagine I’ll still have one or two on my TBR by then… 😉 It’s good of you to put in all the effort of making it work!

    • Thank you, FictionFan 🙂 ! I’m delighted you’ll be a part of this again. I’ll be in touch. And trust me: it’s a pleasure to post such great reviews. Oh, and about the TBR? Notice I’ve never told anyone how many books are in mine??? 😉

  3. Wasn’t aware that reviewers were still contributing to her site – that’s wonderful. I had no idea that the site was still active. Will go back & read all the articles I missed.
    Many thanks for all of the hard work you & all of the contributors have put in 🙂

  4. Margot: Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them. I also want to say I appreciate your efforts at co-ordinating the reviews for Petrona Remembered. I will be glad to participate again and will pick a book for July. I enjoyed the books chosen last year. Maxine read diversely and the books chosen reflect the diversity she espoused.

    • Thank you, Bill, for your own kind words, and for your idea. I’m so glad that you’ll be able to participate again in July. I look forward to your post. I agree with you, too, that Maxine would really have enjoyed the books everyone chose this past year. Each different, yet each of the kind of quality she’d have appreciated.

  5. Col

    A worthy remembrance.

  6. It is great that you and Bill have kept this going, Margot.

  7. I’d love to be involved again. I can’t remember what month I did but count me in if you’ll still have me.

  8. Keishon

    I’d love to contribute again, Margot, but in a different month.

  9. I’d love to get involved, Margot, put me down for any month you like and need, I’m always around(ish).

  10. Margot, congratulations to you, Bill and all the others for this very fitting tribute to Maxine and her memory. Nothing binds or bonds people like books.

  11. So basically just send the review to you and you’ll post it? Sounds easy enough. I always leave reviews anyway, so I’d love to be involved. Can you put me in for Sept. or Oct.? Thanks. This sounds fun!

  12. Hi Margot – it was a great year on Petrona Remembered, and I’d love to take part again. I think I did February last time – happy to take that on again, but equally can take another month, very flexible, happy to fill in wherever needed.

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