So Baby Talk to Me*

StudyAs you no doubt know, in my ‘day job,’ I’m an academic. And one thing we academics do is conduct research. Today I’d like to shamelessly beg for your participation in tell you about a research project I’m currently doing.

My study addresses the question of what adults learn and remember from reading crime novels. And I can think of no more expert group of people than you folks to help me answer that question.

I would truly appreciate your help in this project. If you’re willing to be involved, here’s what you’d be in for:


  • Go to the study link to get started.

  • After indicating your informed consent to participate, respond to a survey. The survey contains 23 questions, all but one of which are multiple choice.

  • When you’re done, just submit your answers. That’s all.



Here are a few things to consider:

  • You are of course perfectly free not to participate if you’d rather not.

  • If you do participate, your responses will be anonymous. That is, I will not be able to link you to your survey responses. Neither will anyone else.

  • You will not be asked for any private identifying information, such as your name, email address or telephone number.

  • The survey should take no more than 20 minutes maximum.


Once I’ve got my data collected, I’ll gather the information and start getting some results. I’ll share the overall results with you on this blog.

I’ll also share the results at a conference I plan to attend later this year.


If you’d like to participate, thank you!!! Please click here to get started.

If you would rather not participate, that’s perfectly fine. I would appreciate your helping me spread the word though. The more participants who are involved, the more I’ll learn, and the more I can share with you.


Thanks!! I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog rounds, already in progress.



*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from the Eurythmics’ Here Comes the Rain Again.




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36 responses to “So Baby Talk to Me*

  1. Hey Margot,

    No trouble at all.. Also have just read The Harbour Master Collected Edition by Daniel Pembrey.. I circulated a tweet with a review.. Hope you saw!

    Will respond to questionnaire now!

    Rachel xx

  2. Keishon

    I’d be happy to participate to help you out with your research, Margot. Consider it done and dusted. Take care!

  3. Responded to your survey. Good luck with the research.

  4. I love the chance to give something back, however small, in exchange for all your brilliant posts, Margot. What an interesting study – I look forward to the results.

  5. kathy d.

    I did the study, however, I found that on several questions, I had two answers, aspects I pay attention to and it was very hard to decide which answer to pick. I will not take the test a second time, but I might have suggested that there be a rating system so one could pick first choice, second choice, etc. Or be able to choose two answers somehow, because several answers I could have chosen were of equal importance.

  6. Not sure if I have 20 minutes spare at the moment but best of luck with the project – and I’ve shared on FB for you. 🙂

  7. Done! Hope it helps with your study. I can hardly wait to see the results.

  8. Intriguing questions. Good luck with the project, Margot.

  9. Interesting questions, Margot. Hope you get something useful from the survey.

  10. Just posted over on Mystery Readers Journal page on Facebook and on my Profile Page. Looking forward to the conclusions…..if I remember. LOL.

  11. Interesting questions, Margot. Hope you get lots of replies.

  12. I completed the questionnaire. I had only one question that stumped me, because I did not do any of the options “often” but I just went for the best answer under the circumstances.

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