Off-Duty! ;-)

Hobby QuizWhen you think about how hard most of us work, it’s no wonder we need hobbies and pastimes to add some balance to our lives. And that’s got me thinking of….

….a quiz!!! Oh, stop it! You ought to know better than to be careless when you come to this blog!! 😉


Even detectives need a break sometimes. And as a dedicated crime fiction fan, you know all of your fictional sleuths’ pastimes and hobbies, don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question with the correct answer. Then see how well you’ve done.

Ready? Choose a tool to begin… if you dare! 😉





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32 responses to “Off-Duty! ;-)

  1. Woohoo! 90%! I freely admit though that mostly I know the answers from reading your blog than from reading the books! That, and a bit of lucky guesswork…

    • Well-done, FictionFan!! I am impressed. And the fact is, the source of what you know is a lot less important than the fact you know it. And trust me, I wish I guessed well…

  2. There are a couple of detectives there that I am STILL not familiar with (although I keep meaning to read about their exploits), but luckily you were kind about giving us some clues… So I could kick myself for being wrong about the one I should know best: Miss Marple! I hesitated between two and opted for the wrong one.

    • Ah, but 90% is fantastic, Marina Sofia! Well done! And as far as catching up with detectives goes, you’ve no idea how woefully behind I am on keeping up with the ones I’d like to know better *sigh.*

  3. Only 70% this time – thanks Mrgot, great fun!

  4. That was definitely a typo Margot …

  5. Woot! 80% this time. Granted, most were guesses, but you did include one of my favorite characters…Tony Hill. I’m very fond of Carol Jordan too. Have you see the series, Wire In The Blood? Awesome!

    • Nicely done, Sue! That’s a great score! And hey, guessing well is a skill that I wish I had. I’ve not seen Wire in the Blood, but you’re not the first to suggest it. May have to check that one out.

  6. I will not reveal my score because it was too pathetic. Fun quiz, though, Margot.

  7. Kathy D.

    I got 8 right. I thought about Miss Marple’s hobby, but thought that she was out solving mysteries all of the time, and so, could not work at the hobby she works on. And Sasha, don’t read those books,

  8. Margot: I am happy with 8/10. I am almost guaranteed to get the Agatha Christie questions wrong.

  9. Keishon

    Yep, this one was fun but I didn’t know very much. 5/10. No shame here. Some of those questions have me interested in the books now.

  10. I enjoyed this Margot, I didn’t do very well and some of the ones I got right were guesses for my 60%.

  11. Col

    9/10 – Marple caught me out!

  12. Very clever, Margot, though I can’t say the same for myself with a score of 5/10. I’m glad I got the Marple question right; that would have been embarrassing.

  13. I never do well, but I do so enjoy them. It reminds me there’s much more to a story than just solving the murder. Thanks, Margot.

  14. A meagre 70%, fair enough. But, ahem, I do not dare to criticize, but is it not a fact that in Murder in Vicarage, Miss Marple goes around with a pair of binoculars spying on people, but with the excuse that she is bird-watching? I may be wrong. May I have a half-point ;)?

    • You know, Moira, she does indeed do that. Miss Marple may not be one of those dedicated bird watchers who go to every Society meeting and so on. But you are quite right. A half-point it is. 🙂

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  16. 80%. I missed the Miss Marple and one other, I can’t remember. The answer to the Jack Irish question I had just read in a magazine yesterday; I still haven’t read Bad Debts.

    • Hey, 80% is a great, score, Tracy – nicely done. Interesting you’d have read something about Irish the day before you need that information, too. I call that very good timing.

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