All Around My Hat*

Deerstalker HatI couldn’t imagine the world of crime fiction without the deerstalker hat. Could you? Want to know the story of how I got mine? I’m honoured and excited to say that mystery novelist and fellow blogger D.S. Nelson invited me to share that story today on her fantastic blog!

Nelson’s series features retired milliner Blake Heatherington, who knows a thing or two or a dozen about hats. It’s a great series, by the way, and Blake is a terrific character. D.S. has lots of information about all sorts of hats and their origins. Come on over and visit me there, and you’ll learn all about the deerstalker! And you’ll want to check out her great blog while you’re there. Thanks, D.S.!

…and stop back here later for your regularly scheduled blog post πŸ˜‰

*NOTE: The title of this blog is the title of a song by Steeleye Span.


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14 responses to “All Around My Hat*

  1. Love the song Margot! Love a bit of Steeleye Span and thank you very much for the mention πŸ™‚

  2. Looking forward to seeing what other hats will appear in future months… πŸ˜€

  3. Lovely Margot. It is striking how adding one accessory can add so much to what you are telling in a broadcast.

  4. Margot, it’s the sort of hat I’d associate with the English, as in the movies. Do Americans wear them too?

  5. I can hardly wait to see the others. πŸ™‚

  6. Col

    Off to have a look now!

  7. Janet Fearnley

    Steeleye Span a favourite, have seen them several times. Mandy Prior has a superb voice. If you haven’t seen her live and ever get the chance it’s well worth it. I think she’s been across the ‘pond’ recently.
    I do like the way you use a line from music to head your posts.

    • Thank you, Janet. And lucky you to have seen Steeleye Span live. They are a great group, and I like Mandy Prior’s voice too. I’ll have to ‘stay tuned’ to see if they come this way.

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