Crime Fiction News Break


Links You’ll Want

Ned Kelly Award winners 

Davitt Award winners

Dean Street Press

Bunbury Literary Lounge

Ian Rankin in Conversation with Declan Hughes at the Pavilion Theatre

Deadly Harvest at The Stage 

Sarah Ward


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35 responses to “Crime Fiction News Break

  1. Cool hat! I’ll be expecting you to be knitting a la MIss Marple on one of these soon… 😉

    Thanks as always for the roundup, Margot. Good to hear about Liane Moriarty’s success – well deserved!

    • Ah, yes, Miss Marple! Perhaps I’ll get one of those sorts of hats and do that one of these times, Fiction Fan. I love it! I agree with you, too about Liane Moriarty. I hope she continues to have a lot of success. And that’s not even a little little lie 😉

  2. Love the new hat, Margot. Great news updates too. Sarah Ward’s book looks like it will be interesting.

  3. Annette Rochelle Aben

    LOVE this!

  4. Keishon

    Heard great things about Sarah’s book. Looking forward to reading it.

  5. You wear that hat well, Margot. As always, your news breaks are so informative and fun. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

    • Glad you like the hat, Sue. I figured, what’s crime fiction without a fedora? And thanks for the kind words – it’s good to hear you enjoy these broadcasts.

  6. Love that hat! Thanks for the information, as always, Margot 🙂

  7. Love the hat Margot 😉

  8. Oh my where did you get that hat? I love it. Just singing an old song here some English folk might recognise. Thanks for the heads-up Margot and I shall look for Sarah Ward too. Thanks so much. Have a brilliant week. 🙂

  9. You are the cutest news anchor ever! Thanks for the news…

  10. Thanks for keeping us updated, Margot! You’re so creative with your site and posts!

  11. Janet Fearnley

    In case you’re curious here’s a link to the folk song Jane Risdon mentioned ‘sung’ by Stanley Holloway hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy your video, it might make you smile anyway!

  12. Enjoyed your crime fiction news, Margot. I just finished Sarah Ward’s book, In Bitter Chill, and it was marvelous.

  13. Great fedora, Margot – you look like you should be be a PI! Great news for Sarah – I predict a highly successful career for her!

  14. Thanks, Margot – for the news, for the excellent hat, and for the shoutouts for 2 great books. I loved the Sarah Ward and the Liane Moriarty.

  15. Margot: The deerstalker was nice but the fedora – fetching and dashing and perfect. You should wear it to your next conference

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