Crime Fiction News Break


Links You’ll Want

D.S. Nelson

Live and Let Bee

Marshall Karp


Dean Street Press

Agatha Award Nominees

Malice Domestic


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25 responses to “Crime Fiction News Break

  1. I was wrangling unruly plotlines when this dropped in my inbox. And it gave me the perfect opportunity to take a breath and regroup. Thank you, Margot. It’s just what I needed.

  2. Top billing, Margot you are too kind! Love that gendarme hat too and thanks, as always, for another really informative Crime Fiction New Break 🙂

  3. Col

    Cheers Margot, I’ll keep an eye out for the Marshall Karp Lomax and Biggs book.

  4. Annette Rochelle Aben

    Just love these news breaks! 🙂

  5. Awesome, Margot! Love the hat, too!

  6. Ah, I couldn’t place the hat but – gendarme, of course! It suits you! 🙂 Thanks as always for this feature Margot – informative and enjoyable!

  7. What a fetching hat – and matching blue outfit! Great newsbreak as usual.

  8. Love the hat, Margot. Can’t wait to see what you wear next. Lots of interesting news too, thanks.

  9. Thanks for giving us all another fun-filled, generous posting.

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