Crime Fiction News Break


Links You’ll Want

Mystery Readers NorCal Upcoming Literary Salons

Newcastle Noir

Crimefest 2016

Dean Street Press 

Sarah Ward 


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24 responses to “Crime Fiction News Break

  1. Thanks as always for this, Margot! Now, the hat suits you but I admit to being baffled as to what it represents this time…?

    • Thank you, FictionFan. And no worries about the hat. It’s a baseball cap with the logo of the San Diego Padres (a US baseball team). Next to it and just to the right, you can see another baseball hat with one of the (Philadelphia) Phillies’ logos on it. Why that choice? Opening day for the 2016 baseball season was this past Sunday. Sorry if that wasn’t clear at first view.

  2. Oh I could listen to you all day – whatever you want to talk about!

  3. Delightful as usual, Margot. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date. 🙂

  4. I so enjoy your news breaks, Margot. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what’s happening in the world of crime fiction.

  5. Enlightening as always Margot, thank you and I hadn’t heard of The Milliner’s Hat Mystery! I think I need to read that pronto. Another 1930s piece of brilliance no doubt! More and more these days I think I was born in the wrong era lol 🙂

  6. Margot: I was a little distracted by the San Diego cap. I kept wondering has Margot abandoned Philadelphia. I did not pick up on the Phillies cap until reading the comments. I am now reassured and can go back to concentrating on crime fiction.

  7. That was great! Dig the jingle at the beginning. Very 1970s broadcast TV news.

  8. Grand stuff, enjoy these no end.

  9. Always enjoy catching up Margot.

  10. Kathy D.

    Always fun to hear about book festivals and new mysteries. Can’t wait for reviews of all these books, and cheers to Sarah Ward.

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