The Writing Life – A New Game ;-)

WritingLifeIf you were expecting a crime-fictional post today, my apologies. Please feel free to head on to the next stop on your blog rounds.
Still here? Thanks. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a writer? Perhaps you don’t want to take the risks involved, but you think it’d be fun to imagine what it’s like. What if you already are a writer? Do you ever need a break from the stress?

Well, I’ve got the perfect solution! Now, if you’ll just ask your disbelief to go out and get some exercise for a bit, let me show you what I’ve created!


The Writing Life


Yes, it’s The Writing Life! It’s all new, and it’s a game the whole family will love. It’s easy to play, too. All you need is 2 to 6 players, 1 dice (conveniently provided in an attractively-packaged box), and some game pieces (also provided).

Follow the ups and downs and joys of what it’s like to go from that manuscript to the publishing in this fun, fun game. Just check out the game board! Doesn’t it look fabulous (You can click on the image to enlarge it)?





Now, here are the simple rules:


  1. Player 1 rolls the dice, and moves his or her game piece the number of spaces indicated by the roll.

  2. If there are instructions on the space where Player 1 has landed, Player 1 follows those instructions. Then Player 1 passes the dice to the player to the left, Player 2.

  3. Player 2 follows the same procedure, and then passes the dice to the player to the left, Player 3, and so on, until each player has had a turn.

  4. When each player has had a turn, Player 1 takes another turn. Then Player 2 takes another turn, and so on, until all players have had another turn.

  5. The game continues in this fashion until there is a winner.

  6. The first player to land on the ‘Publishing Contract!’ space is the winner.


See? Couldn’t be easier, could it? A whole lot easier than actually writing a book and getting it published!


What do you think? Does it work for you?  I’d love to hear your ideas for inclusions in new editions!

Now, feel free to go and meet up with your disbelief…


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34 responses to “The Writing Life – A New Game ;-)

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  2. Wow, looks like fun! Are you really going to market this? If so, count me in for a sale. How much? Great idea, Margot!

    • Thank you very much, Michael! I’m so glad you liked this idea. It’s still in ‘silence-your-disbelief imaginary design stage,’ but I imagine I could probably market it. At least to other writers… 😉

  3. Hahaha! Brilliant, Margot! There seem to be an awful lot of boxes that send you back to ‘Find a Publisher’, though, and I love the ‘2-Day Recovery Nap’! On the upside there’s no ‘Go Straight to Jail’ box… which, with you crime writers, I feel there probably should be… 😉

    • 😆 Now that is a good idea, FictionFan! I’ll put that in the next edition. And that’s the thing about writing. At some point, all roads lead to finding a publisher… Glad you enjoyed this! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m due for my nap 😉

  4. Absolutely brilliant Margot and I’m sure that you’ll find a market for this to all those writers procrastinating instead of writing for us eager readers 😉

    • What? Writers? Procrastinate? Perish the thought, Cleo! 😉 I’m so glad you enjoyed this. Perhaps I will see what sort of market there’d be for something like this…

  5. Very clever, Margot. Is this a fun game or a frustrating one?

  6. This is brilliant Margot! Love the vanity publisher bit. Often have to explain to people the difference between self publishing and vanity publishing. They always leave enlightened. 🙂

    • So glad you like this, D.S. 🙂 – And you’re right; a lot of people don’t know the difference between self publishing and vanity publishing. It’s good to hear you take the time to clarify that difference.

  7. Nice idea. All I can say is last I played was an adaptation of a board game on PC, The Witcher Adventure Game, and it was well-done. About time similar gets achieved for crime fiction.

    Good Luck and all the inspiration you may need!

  8. So many saving fails! Definitely need some cloud space! Is there an option to get cloud space in this game, like a Get Out of Jail Free card? 🙂

  9. What great fun. You definitely should market this Margot. Love the idea!

  10. it is kinda like a game, isn’t it? Good think I never thought to support myself on it.

  11. This is wonderful, Margot!!! I love the squares, so sad but true. Check your insanity at the door if you plan to go down this route. LOL Very creative, Margot. Love it!

    • Oh, I’m so glad you enjoyed this, Sue! And you’re right; if you’re going to be a writer, you need not bring your sanity along. It’s not going to do you much good… 😉

  12. Very innovative, Margot. This reminds me of snakes and ladders where I’d reach 99 and be swallowed by the anaconda that would then eject me at 7. Now that sounds like a wannabe author’s nightmare.

    • Thank you, Prashant. Funny, too, that you would mention Snakes and Ladders. I thought of that game, along with several others, when I was putting this together. Certainly getting all the way to the end like that and then getting tossed back is a would be a nightmare!

  13. Very funny and entertaining Margot, and nicely produced. If all else fails you can go into business….

  14. Margot: Well done. From the legal perspective you might add:

    1.) Libel concerns – Stop indefinitely until full legal review

    2.) Plagiarism alleged – Stop indefinitely again until full legal review (I am sure this would not apply to anyone we know)

    • Thank you, Bill. And those inclusions you suggest are brilliant! They’re a part of the writing life, and they’d certainly add to the game. I like the ‘stop indefinitely’ instruction, too. Full legal reviews can be time-consuming…

  15. Great fun, Margot. I’m thinking this could be a fun interactive activity at a writers’ festival, where you had writers and emerging writers fill in the squares. For my part, I’d throw in a couple of competitions (shortlisting moves you forward), and send you back to the start for use of Comic Sans font in your ms submission 😉

    • 😆 Those are great ideas, Angela! I love ’em! Thanks. And it might be fun to have something like this at a writers’ festival or workshop. Now you’ve got my cognitive wheels turning…

  16. Fun! Thanks for letting us know about ‘The Writing Life.’ Following up on Sue’s comment, if you’re going to be a writer, best to bring along your humor and appreciation of the absurd. Is there a box for “too many adverbs … go back 3 spaces” … 🙂

    • 😆 That’s a good suggestion, Bryan – thanks! And I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. No doubt about it – writers do need to keep their senses of the absurd…

  17. This was a lot of fun and…scary real! 🙂

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