This Night Can Last Forever*

Billy Joel ShowFor those of you who were hoping for one of my usual crime fiction posts today, my apologies. There’s going to be a minor variation in my posting plans. In all honesty, I have something else going on in my life today. I’ve been waiting for this night for the longest time, and I do need to get ready for it.

Perhaps I go to extremes, but don’t we all sometimes? Besides, being a writer with a ‘day job’ means I’m under a lot of pressure. So every once in a while, it’s nice to take some time off, so to speak. I know that tomorrow I’ve got to begin again, but just for tonight, I’m ‘off the clock.’

Don’t worry, though. I’m keeping the faith. Here are a few 50-word murder stories (crime writer and fellow blogger Rob Kitchin has called them Dribbles), to keep you company through the long night.



‘I’d like that big box in my car, please,’ Susan told the movers.
‘This is heavy,’ Ted gasped as he and Joe hefted it. ‘You sure you can manage alone?’
‘Very sure,’ Susan said. She thought about the nearby river. And Kevin’s insurance money. Yup – an absolutely perfect dump site.



The car inched towards the drive-through window.
‘This’ll take forever,’ Cam warned.
‘Just shut up and get the coffee,’ Ben snapped.
Cam leaned out, picked up the coffees, and handed one to Ben.
‘Did you remember the sugar?’
‘Yeah.’ It wasn’t sugar.  But it was Cam’s ticket to ten grand.



‘You’re doing great, gorgeous! One more shot,’
This wasn’t what Jenna had imagined. She tried to smile and forget what she was actually doing.
‘You’re a natural, honey,’ Steve said, leering at her.
The door opened.
Drew grabbed Steve, making him drop the camera. ‘She’s fifteen years old, pervert!’



‘Shame they’re tearing down that house,’ Naomi said.
‘That guy was trouble, anyway,’ Jason answered. ‘And stop staring out the window. It’s creepy.’
‘Wonder why they’re stopping all of a sudden.’
‘Probably break time.’
‘I don’t think so, Jason. They’re pointing to something.’
Jason blanched. He’d forgotten to use lye.



Kylie’d invited Aileen for late-night tagging. Aileen agreed; anything to stop the bullying.
But on the building’s roof, Kylie pointed a can of spray paint at Aileen instead, and started her ‘phone’s camera. ‘Smile,’ she sneered.
One push, and the bullying ended. Aileen smiled grimly as she climbed back down.


*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from Billy Joel’s This Night.


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28 responses to “This Night Can Last Forever*

  1. Whatever you must do, have fun and enjoy yourself. And just read the 50 worders and love them. Hurry back when you are ready. We will miss you however long you are gone. Enjoy 🙂 x

  2. OK my detective skills (honed on all those books) tell me that you are doing something really special today, something that, y’know, just guessing, you will be very happy about? Are you an Uptown Girl or a Modern Woman or just Only a Woman? Remember that Bruce Springsteen thing where he pulls a woman up on stage to dance with – I’m confidently expecting that Billy will do the same and it will be YOU!

    • Oh, Moira, you are quite the detective! Yes, I intend to be thoroughly teenage-groupie, screaming-meemie, adolescent happy about tonight. And yes, I think of myself as a Modern Woman, even though my footwear won’t include a Stiletto… I know exactly which Springsteen thing you mean (in the video of Dancing in the Dark, it’s Ally Sheedy – there – meaningless and silly trivia for you). If Billy does such a thing, and I’m his choice, trust me, you will probably hear me all the way across the pond.

  3. I do hope you have a wonderful time tonight. The 50-word stories were wonderful. Relax and have fun, Margot. You’ve earned it. 🙂

  4. Love the Dribbles! And have a great evening! 😀

  5. I knew you were trying to tell us something, but I never would have figured it out. OK, maybe given enough time… Enjoyed the dribbles. Sounds like an exciting event.

  6. You’re Only Human Margot so deserve a night or two off every now and again, hope you enjoy your outing for The Longest Time

    • Thanks, Bernadette. The way I see it, it Ain’t No Crime to have a night out. And this isn’t just any old occasion. It’s one of those events where All You Want to Do is Dance. So I expect I’ll have a great time. 🙂

  7. Margot: Even before reading Moira’s comment I knew it had to be Billy Joel to have you shouting out to the world. If I am not mistaken that photo is of you ready for the concert. I hope Billy some day can learn of and recognize you for you passion and love. All the best for a night of dreams.

    • Right you are, Bil; the ‘photo is of me all ready for the show. Thanks so much for the kind thoughts and good wishes. I did have a fabulous time at the show – it was a wonderful evening!

  8. Billy Joel? I’m jealous! Have a great time x

  9. Margot, I can think of only two things — family and books. What else can it be! I hope you have/had a most wonderful evening with Billy Joel crooning in the background. These are some great dribbles, Margot — haven’t tried 50-word stories yet.

  10. Love these and if you need time – take it! You’re the hardest working blogger in the world for pete’s sake! 100 word stories are called drabbles …

    • Thank you, Jan 🙂 – I did have an amazing time! And thanks for the kind words about the stories. I like Drabbles quite a lot, too, and actually, I’m glad you mentioned that. Folks, Rob Kitchin does a terrific Drabble on his blog every Saturday. Do go check ’em out.

  11. I guessed too! So glad you had a great time.

  12. Col

    Great start to a Monday! Nice work!

  13. Love the ‘dribbles’ – and the photo!

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