Crossing the Lines ;-)

Literary Vs Crime Fiction QuizWhat’s the difference between a literary novel and a crime novel? It’s not always easy to tell them apart, is it? There’s often a very blurry line between the two sorts of novels isn’t there? And it’s all got me thinking about…



…a quiz!  Oh, please! Is it my fault if you visit this blog? I don’t think so!


Many crime novels could be considered literary novels. And there are plenty of literary works that include crimes. As a dedicated crime fiction fan, you know all of your ‘crossover’ novels, don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question with the correct answer and see how well you do.


Ready? Pick up the literary prize to begin…if you dare!


Nobel Prize


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57 responses to “Crossing the Lines ;-)

  1. Boo-yah! Got 100%, Margot!

  2. Yay, yay, know my classic literature reasonably well: proud to report a perfect score here!

  3. kathyd

    Ditto. 100% score here, too.

  4. Can’t resist a quiz, but obviously it was too easy… Got 100% too! Next time you must up the ante!

  5. 100% for me, too. Too easy, Margot – I didn’t even have to guess this time!
    But I do love your quizzes.

    • Thanks very much for the kind words, Christine. I’m glad you enjoy the quizzes. And let’s not discount the fact that you and my other kind readers are brilliant.

  6. I agree, too easy (or either we are all brilliant). I got 100% too and I was sure this one would stump me.

  7. Well, I scored 100%, but I have to admit that three questions were flatout guesses. Shakespeare, Highsmith, and … hmm, can’t recall the other. Senior moment. Well, they say life’s a crapshoot. I could easily have had a “D” but guessed my way to an “A+”. Such is life! 🙂

  8. Tim

    Macbeth and patricide? Regicide, yes. Hmmmm. Has my mind and memory gone completely to Swiss-cheese?

  9. kathyd

    Now that so many people got 100% on this quiz, I fear for what the next test will be like! We all better start cramming!

  10. Keishon

    Scored 100%! Perfect timing, too, because I’m reading books that are literary but have crimes in them. Seems to be my mood at the moment but that can always change. I was debating on reading The Great Gatsby and you’ve helped me make up my mind, Margot. I took note of the others as well. Thank You.

    • I’m so glad you found the quiz helpful, Keishon, and that you enjoyed it. And well done!! 100% is an outstanding score! If you do read The Great Gatsby, I hope you’ll enjoy it; I’ll be interested in your view of it.

  11. I’ll break the perfect scoring record so far by admitting to a measly 90%. Peter Temple got me, though I realised as soon as I’d clicked that the clue was in the name of the award!

  12. Margot: A happy quiz night for me with 10.

  13. mudpuddle

    100%/ surprised myself…

  14. Janet Fearnley

    Yep, 10/10! Great fun and another enjoyable quiz, Margot.

  15. Well, you know how much I love these – got a 100% and I think you were a bit generous to us – if I can get 100% it probably means it was too easy 🙂 Really enjoyed it, thanks Margot.

  16. Anne Raynaud

    Sorry but much too easy.
    Otherwise I thoroughly admire your blog and can’t get over how you consistently recreate each day, also how well read you are in this domain.

  17. Col

    Cheers 10/10 for me – I’ve read a few of them so that helped!

  18. Margot, for the first time I got 8 out of 10. More importantly, I knew the correct answers, though I hadn’t read a couple of novels, like “Rebecca,” for instance. Thanks for another great quiz.

  19. Seems crime fiction fans really know their literature – I’ve never seen so many top scores, and I got them all right too. And that’s NOT why I’m saying it was a lovely quiz, well thought-out and nicely done. I am having a difficult day, and this was the perfect breaktime entertainment before I get back to sorting stuff out. Thank you Margot.

    • Sorry to hear it’s ONE OF THOSE DAYS for you, Moira. I hope it gets better. Thanks for the kind words, too. I’m very glad you enjoyed the quiz, and well done on getting top score. 🙂

  20. kathyd

    Reading this and other blogs (ahem) really does help to alleviate a “bad” day. Nothing like books and good discussions, with humor, to distract one and change one’s mood. A book can do it, but it had to have humor and fun.
    Now can we think of a topic that is brand-new? Murder on a Mountain Top; A Beastly Death, set in a zoo;, Death-Defying Acts set at a an amusement park; Fatal Fashions set in a fashion show; The Eerie Eiffel Tower (a death), although Simenon did this one already. Or how about The Case of a Mysterious Corpse at Holmes’ home?

    • I agree, Kathy. I always richly enjoy reading all of the blogs on my list. I learn from each one, and always have a good time with them. As you say, it lightens the mood and can be a real tonic. I like your ideas for topics, too.

  21. Finally, a Margot quiz in which I excelled! I only missed one.

  22. You went easy on us this time, Margot. 9 out of 10!!! “Rebecca” slipped me up. My best score ever.

  23. Yay I’m a literary genius with 90%!!

  24. 10 out of 10. Thanks for the gift Margot :-). A nice change heh heh

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