Kiwi Crime Time!!!!

Kiwi Crime TimeIt’s been an exciting time here at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist… as I’ve been serving on the panel for the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best First Novel. It’s been a real honour, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I’m delighted to share the big news that the finalists for both the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel, and the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best First Novel have been chosen!!  Here they are:


Best Crime Novel

  • Inside the Black Horse by Ray Berard (Mary Egan Press)

  • Made to Kill by Adam Christopher (Titan Books)

  • Trust No One by Paul Cleave (Upstart Press)

  • The Legend of Winstone Black Hat by Tanya Moir (Vintage)

  • American Blood Ben Sanders (Allen & Unwin)


Best First Crime Novel

  • Inside the Black Horse by Ray Berard (Mary Egan Press)

  • The Fixer by John Daniell (Upstart Press)

  • The Gentleman’s Club by Jen Shieff (Mary Egan Press)

  • Twister by Jane Woodham (Makaro Press)


Isn’t this great news? Ah, but you don’t just want the titles, do you? You know you want to read some of this excellent Kiwi crime fiction, right?

Well, here’s your chance. Announcing Kiwi Crime Time! This one-time competition gives you the chance to win your very own copy of one of the finalists for the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best First Novel!  That’s right! YOU have the chance to get your hands on a copy of great work by some crime writers I’m sure will turn into stars. And you can say you knew them when!

But you get more than that! Oh, yes! You also get the chance to be a part of a very worthy cause: Storytime.

What’s Storytime? Storytime provides books, support, and other assistance to New Zealand’s most deprived families, to help them give their babies and young children a good start in life, and introduce them to stories and reading at a young age. Research shows that exposing children to books and reading from a very young age helps them develop reading skills and supports their academic progress. What’s more, it helps them develop a love of books. By helping Storytime, you’re making books available to kids who might not otherwise get them. And who knows? You could be supporting a future Ngaio Marsh Award winner!  You can find out more about Storytime right here.


How does this competition work?

  • Choose which of the Best First Novel finalists you’d most like to win.

  • Click right here, and make a donation to Storytime (you can choose the amount that makes you comfortable). The donations are made in NZ dollars, but here’s a currency converter to help you make your decision.

  • Email me the e-receipt you get after you donate (margotkinberg(at)gmail(dot)com). When you email me, be sure you let me know which book you’d like to win. That email counts as your entry ticket.

  • On 11 August, I’ll announce the winners!

  • If you’re a winner, I’ll send you your prize, wherever in the world you live.

See? Easy as! So don’t miss out on your chance to win some incredible Kiwi crime fiction!! Join the fun!!!

Questions?? Just email me (margotkinberg(at)gmail(dot)com), and I’ll be happy to help!


To Whet Your Appetite…

Here are the blurbs for the finalists:


Inside the Black Horse (Ray Berard)InsidetheBlackHorse

A young man is waiting outside a pub on a cold winter’s night. There is a debt to pay and no options left.

What he does next drags a group of strangers into a web of confusion that over the course of a few days changes all their lives.
There’s the young Maori widow just trying to raise her children, the corporate executive hiding his mistake, the gang of criminals that will do whatever it takes to recover what they’ve lost – and the outsider sent to town to tease out the truth.
Stepping into the shoes of every player dragged into the fray, Berard takes the reader on a dangerous and desperate journey, where bonds are built and broken and we find out who, if anyone, will survive. 



The Fixer (John Daniell) PLEASE NOTE! This one is an ebook, so please be aware that if you win this, you’ll receive it in that format.

Match-fixing is one of the biggest issues surrounding sport at this time. John Daniell, a former professional rugby player, has written the fascinating novel about Mark Stevens, a former All Black playing professional rugby in Paris. Moving toward the end of his career Mark is drawn, through his relationship with a beautiful journalist, first into betting on matches and then into match-fixing. From on his own experience, Daniell shows how an innocent player can be drawn into an illegal world, one where your actions place your family, half a world away, in danger.


The Gentleman’s Club (Jen Shieff)

Gritty and honest, Jen Shieff’s debut novel, The Gentlemen’s Club is a psychological thriller that will shock youGentlemaensclubshieff to the core.
Headstrong and independent, Rita Saunders is a warm and colourful character, a successful hairdresser by day and a busy brothel madam by night. The only thing missing from her life is the love of a good woman.
Istvan Ziegler is a Hungarian immigrant who has come to New Zealand full of anticipation to work on the new harbour bridge. His hopes and dreams become temporarily dashed when he comes up against 1950s NZ, where foreigners rarely gained entry to ‘the club’.
Sixteen-year-old Judith Curran has come to Auckland for an abortion. With no money or family support, she finds herself at the mercy of strangers and simply has to hope they have her best interests at heart.
Beautiful Fenella Grayson is an enigmatic character, a lively young Englishwoman who has emigrated after a series of job failures. Promiscuous and opportunistic, she has travelled to NZ on the Orcades as chaperone to three young girls headed for Lindsay Pitcaithly’s orphans’ home. She sets aside her suspicions that they are being singled out for the wrong reasons.
Becoming drawn into the little girls’ desperate situation, Rita, Judith and Istvan find fortitude they never knew they possessed. But do they have enough of it to expose the respectable yet menacing Pitcaithly, and the slice of the heartless and seedy underworld he inhabits?
The title ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’ plays with the idea that respectability can be just a veneer, while suggesting that Rita’s brothel, and Rita herself, have a level of respectability they couldn’t claim for themselves.
With its carefully built historical setting, brilliantly realised characters and psychological plot, The Gentlemen’s Club is reminiscent of Sarah Waters’ writing.


Twister (Jane Woodham)Twisterwoodham

Dunedin, New Zealand, rattled by acts of violence and a hard, unseasonal flu, is a city under siege. Then, after
five days of damaging rain, a twister rips through, exposing the body of a missing schoolgirl in Ross Creek.
Detective Senior Sergeant Leo Judd is the only one who can lead the investigation despite unresolved sorrow over the disappearance of his own daughter nine years earlier.
Sultry weather broods over the beleaguered city as suspects are sifted and pressure mounts for Leo to solve the crime. Meanwhile, his wife Kate tries to summon the courage to tell him the secrets she’s nursed for too long — including one about the disappearance of their beloved Beth.


They’re all choice cuts. Good luck to all!


Rather Not Participate?

That’s perfectly fine. But I sure would appreciate it if you’d help me spread the news on your social media sites! Feel free to grab the image and use it. Thanks


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13 responses to “Kiwi Crime Time!!!!

  1. I’m very intrigued by Inside the Black Horse – quite an achievement to make both the Best First Novel list and the Best overall list! Now off to check out all the blurbs… I have a horrible feeling this isn’t going to help the TBR situation, you know…

    • Well, I am sorry about the TBR thing, FictionFan. But turnabout and all of that… 😉 – And hey, there’s nothing wrong with blurb-surfing, is there? IS THERE?…

  2. What a fantastic scheme storytime is and those books all sound really good Margot.

  3. Col

    I have the Berard book already – looking forward to it!

  4. Congrats on being a part of the panel, Margot. That sounds like an awesome adventure in itself. Storytime sounds like a wonderful program. A great selection of books to provide us hours of entertainment.

    • Thanks, Mason. I really did have a great experience being on the panel, and there were some terrific books to read. Storytime is a terrific program, too. Early reading is really beneficial to little ones.

  5. Margot, congratulations on your selection to the panel! All four “Best First Crime Novels” sound really good. I’m particularly curious about “Inside the Black Horse.”

    • Thank you, Prashant. It really has been a fantastic experience. And I do feel fortunate: all of the books in contention are fine reads, and the four finalists are great. That includes Inside the Black Horse. Now we’ll see who wins…

  6. What a fantastic idea Storytime is. Sounds like a win win to me!

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