Crime Fiction News Break


Links You’ll Want 

Harper Lee Prize for Best Legal Fiction

Dashiell Hammett Prize 

CWA Dagger Awards

Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel

Win a copy of a finalist for the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best First Novel!!

Bute Noir Crime Writing Festival

Deadly Ink Mystery Conference and Deadly Ink Academy

Writers Police Academy

Melbourne Writers Festival

Dean Street Press


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20 responses to “Crime Fiction News Break

  1. Awesome as always, Margot. I can’t believe WPA is only one week away. I’m so excited to go!!!

  2. A packed schedule this month! Thanks as always for keeping us up to date, Margot! 🙂

  3. Col

    Cheers for the info!

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  5. A lot going on in the crime fiction world this week. Thanks for the update, Margot. Enjoyed the video as always. 🙂

  6. Thanks for keeping us updated, Margot! And for the links, too.

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  8. Always enjoy this. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to bring this to us. 🙂

  9. tracybham

    I love your news breaks, Margot. I feel like I know you. Where’s the hat?

  10. Always enjoy this and learn from it. And a reminder that I mean to read the Attica Locke book.
    PS still missing the hats – I hope they’ll be back one day!

    • Thanks, Moira. I’m very glad you enjoy these broadcasts. And I do recommend Pleasantville. The hats are still on hiatus. We’ll see if they make another appearance at some point.

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