I Read New Books*

MCThere’s nothing quite like the feeling of being able to talk about a book with someone you think is going to really enjoy reading it. It’s a shared pleasure, and both people benefit. TBRs may not, but that’s another issue…

One person I very much wish were still with us to talk about books is the late Maxine Clarke, who was a true friend of crime fiction. I miss her very much and think of her often. And I know there are plenty of books that have come out recently that she would have liked.

As a way of remembering Maxine, and of sharing great crime novels, Bill Selnes at Mysteries and More From Saskatchewan had the terrific idea of a group of book bloggers sharing books they think Maxine would have liked. Ideally, everyone would take a turn throughout the year, and each review would be posted on Petrona Remembered, which is the site for terrific crime fiction. It’s set up and maintained by those of us who remember Maxine, and the real difference she made for the genre.

It’s my turn to share a find, so please, come visit me over at Petrona Remembered, where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Wendy James’ The Lost Girls, a novel I think Maxine would have liked very much.

While you’re there, please have a look around the site. We’d love to have you contribute a review of a book you think Maxine would have enjoyed. Interested? Want to share your great find? You know you wanna!  Just email me at margotkinberg(at)gmail(dot)com, and I’ll be happy to include your review!

Here’s a little about Maxine, if you’d like to get a sense of what she was like.




*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from The Monkees’ Since You Ran Away.


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16 responses to “I Read New Books*

  1. Col

    Off to have a look!

  2. Reblogged this on Bum's Landing Memorial – Andrè Michael Pietroschek at WordPress.com and commented:
    No shame in honoring the beloved aka respected Deceased…

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  4. kathyd

    Yes, I agree that Maxine Clarke made a big contribution to the world of crime fiction — and her blog was great. Her posts were interesting, the discussions often fascinating.
    Keeping Petrona Remembered going is remembering Maxine in a way she’d have approved of — by recommendations of good mysteries.

    • I couldn’t agree more about Maxine, Kathy. She was a real friend to the genre. And I would like to think she’d have liked the blog. As you say, it’s a memorial that would, I hope, have pleased her.

  5. I’m sorry I never knew Maxine, but the memorial site shows the love of crime fiction community. She sounds a wonderful person.

    • She was, indeed, Rebecca. And I really am glad there is a site dedicated to her memory. I’m also very glad the site features such great crime fiction; she would have been pleased at that, I think.

  6. Tim

    One of my first book blog discoveries was Maxine’s site. I’m pleased to see her being honored by you and others.

  7. Maxine would’ve been very happy, no doubt. Looking forward to reading your review of Wendy James’ book, Margot.

  8. What a fantastic way to remember your friend.

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