Amen! ;-)

Clergy in Crime Fiction QuizWhether you have a set of religious beliefs or not, it’s hard to deny the impact of religion on our society – and on our crime fiction. And that’s got me in mind of…




…a quiz!  Oh, don’t look at me like that! It’s hardly my fault if you chose to visit this blog today, is it?   😉


Many crime novels and series feature members of the clergy and of religious orders. And as a dedicated crime fiction fan, you know all of your crime-fictional religious characters, don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question with the correct answer, and see how many you get right.


Ready? Open the sacred text to begin… if you dare! 😉


Sacred Text


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42 responses to “Amen! ;-)

  1. 90%! I got the last one wrong.

  2. Col

    Started off well then it got a whole lot tougher – 5/10 😦

  3. I got 90% (got the nun’s name wrong) but for a not very religious guy that is pretty good, right? Thanks Margot – love a quiz

  4. Haha my guessing skills worked today – what a great topic and it is hard to keep all those religious personages straight in the mind!!

  5. tracybham

    90% for me too. I missed the Agatha Christie question and guessed right on one. So really only 80%. Some of Jane Haddams’ books feature nuns.

  6. Got ’em all, Margot. Interesting how many of them are by classic authors, too. It might be fun to do another quiz on mysteries where religious groups – organized or “cult”-like – are essential to the story…

    • Well done, Les! Brilliant! I am most impressed. And you know, you do have an interesting idea for a quiz. I’ll have to think about that. Funny isn’t it how so many of those stories about people in the religious life are, indeed, by classic or GA authors.

  7. kathyd

    I got 90%, too. Didn’t know the Agatha Christie question either. For someone who has led a secular life, in my reading, too, I somehow knew the answers. This reminds me that I want to read a Peter Tremayne book, among others.
    Oy, even the quizzes make me add to that TBR list. It’s inescapable. Now if only I could read quicker these days; age slows one down.

    • Excellent job, Kathy! Quite impressive. And I’m glad you mentioned Peter Tremayne. I still haven’t done a spotlight on any of his work, and I really need to do that. I know just exactly what you mean about not having enough time to read, too. My TBR expands exponentially every time I do my blog rounds *sigh.*

  8. 90% for me, though some of that was down to lucky guessing! Not bad, considering the only one I could think of before doing the quiz was Cadfael…

  9. mudpuddle

    80% and i learned a couple of things… thakns!

  10. 80% with a fair amount of guessing… but I did know the Agatha Christie one.

  11. I’m sorry, Margot, I couldn’t get past immigration — I mean the security check! I kept proving that I wasn’t a robot and yet I could get to the quiz page. I don’t have a firewall on my laptop, so I don’t know what happened.

  12. 70% not great but I have not heard of some of the sleuths…I must read more.

  13. I got them all right! I’d like to think that shows how holy I am, but it’s much more that I have a real love for crime stories set in religious organizations or with clerical sleuths.

  14. SteveHL

    80%. Whether I do well or not, I love your quizzes.

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  16. I tend to not read mysteries invoving religion or a religious main character so i was shocked that i got 70% – hah!

    • A 70% is quite a respectable score, Anne, especially for someone who doesn’t really read mysteries that include members of the clergy or religious communities. You did just fine.

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