Crime Fiction News Break


Links You’ll Want

Sarah Ward

A Deadly Thaw

The Ngaio Marsh Awards

The Ned Kelly Awards

The Davitt Awards

Dean Street Press

BBC’s Screening of 8 Agatha Christie Stories 


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17 responses to “Crime Fiction News Break

  1. Fab, Margot as always and thanks for the insight into Sarah Ward’s writing!

  2. Heartafire

    wonderful links, Margot. Thank you !

  3. Thanks for the information Margot but I miss the hats.

  4. Col

    Cheers Margot. There’s a few on the Ned Kelly shortlists I’ve read and a couple more I want to check out.

  5. A lot going on in crime fiction. Thanks for the update, Margot. DEADLY THAW sounds intriguing.

    • Glad you enjoyed the update, Mason. And you’re right; there is a lot going on in the world of crime fiction. As to A Deadly Thaw, Sarah ward is a really talented writer: I think you’ll enjoy her work.

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  7. I always find the inspiration behind books fascinating. BTW, you look fantastic is this edition of Crime Fiction News Break. Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. 🙂

  8. Thanks- I was already looking forward to Sarah’s book and it was good to hear more about it. And also will be looking out for the new BBC adaptations.

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