Let’s Start at the Very Beginning*

writing-detailsI love writing, and I love being a writer. But in case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like, you should know that it doesn’t come magically. Even the most skilled musical artists do scales and arpeggios. They know that working on the basics helps make their music better. Those basics may not be thrilling, but they’re the underpinnings of good work.

It’s the same with writing. Skilled writers know that basics like paragraph structure, word choice, and punctuation matter. And yes, spelling counts.  😉  Don’t think those details are important? Think about the last book you read where you noticed problems with grammar, spelling, or paragraph structure. I’ll bet you weren’t drawn into the story. That aspect of writing might not be exciting to a lot of people, but it does matter.

Want to know more? I’m honoured and privileged to be a guest at Motive, Means and Opportunity today. Please come visit me there as I talk about the regular discipline behind good writing. I promise – no punctuation or usage quizzes.   😉

Have a look around the site, too. It’s a terrific collection of flash fiction, posts about writing, and lots more, hosted by some very talented writers.


*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II’s Do-Re-Mi.


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10 responses to “Let’s Start at the Very Beginning*

  1. Goodbye “Grammar is the disease – prose is the cure!” ? 😉

    Sincerely: You did good at reminding. A boxer goes through seemingly boring routines to train, my new craft uses repetition to build-up muscle-memory along with the lore of the craft. Certain basics never grow out of use, nor out of usefulness.

    Have a nice weekend, Margot!

  2. Col

    Thanks for sharing Margot.

  3. As always, you’ve nailed it. I feel so out of the loop lately from hiding away in my writer’s cave, but like you said, discipline is crucial. 😀

    Hopping over now, Margot.

  4. Margot, I’ll be heading over there to read your guest article on writing. I have no doubt I’ll learn much from your writing experience. Writing, I think, is a lifelong struggle; it is for me at least.

  5. Enjoyed this, Margot. You’re right. There is nothing to beat just showing up every day.

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