Warning! Contents are Toxic ;-)

poison-quizAt this time of year, there are plenty of delicious treats around. But they’re not all as safe as they seem. And that’s got me thinking about…






…a quiz! Oh, come on! You had to know there’d be a quiz sooner or later, so don’t complain! 😉

Where would crime fiction be without poison and the people who use it? And as a dedicated crime fiction fan, you know all of your fictional cases of poisoning, don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question with the correct answer, and see how many you get right.

Ready? Open that ‘medicine’ bottle to begin…if you dare! 😉




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32 responses to “Warning! Contents are Toxic ;-)

  1. Alas, a mere 90% on such an easy quiz (i.e., I should learn better keyboarding to avoid such dumb mistakes — Melbourne v. Sydney). Thanks for the pleasant diversion.

  2. tracybham

    90% for me too. I missed a pretty obvious question.

  3. mudpuddle

    90% here, also… and i missed the Ellery one! can’t believe that… fun, though…

  4. Margot: I’m happy at 9/10. I have got to start studying Agatha Christies for your quizzes.

  5. 90% which I’m chuffed especially as poisoners have been my theme of the year!

  6. Col

    7/10 i knew more than I thought I did!

  7. Oh dear – hopeless failure at 60%!

  8. I did badly on this one. Have to pay better attention to my poisons. But your quizzes are always fun, Margot. 🙂

    Thoughts in Progress
    and MC Book Tours

  9. Yay! 10/10! Though a couple were lucky guesses. I’m glad I had lunch before doing this one… 😉

  10. Why do I ALWAYS go ahead and take your quizzes even though I know it’s a topic I won’t score well on? Only 50%, Margot, and some of my correct answers were just good guesses.

  11. 100% for me! I do like a poisoning mystery… Great quiz Margot (well I would say that wouldn’t I….?)

  12. Your quizzes are not for me, Margot! Easy as they are, I need to do my homework — meaning, read more crime and detective fiction.

  13. kathyd

    OK 90% for me. And I really did not know the answer to the question to which I guessed wrongly. So, all’s fair. I think the Ellery Queen question was that one, but that makes sense as I’ve never read a book in that series.

  14. Wow, 70% after a couple of lucky (ie, wild!) guesses. Although I didn’t realise Christie’s links to the world of medicine!

  15. Great fun Margot – got 8 out of 10, which i consider good going. Thanks chum 🙂

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