The Setting*

setting-for-past-tenseI don’t have to convince you of the vital importance of setting in a novel. Sometimes a setting can even become, in a way, its own character. Author and fellow blogger Tess Makovesky has created a really interesting series, called Where the Heck Wednesday, that gives authors the chance to talk about the settings they choose.

And guess what? She’s invited me to stop by and talk about the setting for Past Tense! I am so pleased and honoured at the invitation. Please come visit me over at Tess’, where I’ll be answering a couple of questions about my choice of setting. Marauding squirrels play a role…

When you stop over, do check out Tess’ website. She’s got a great new noir novel, Raise the Blade out, and you’ll want to check that out, too!


*NOTE: The title of this post is a the title of a song by Ralph McTell.


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10 responses to “The Setting*

  1. Fun! Off to check it out now.

  2. Great, Margot! Heading there right away.

  3. How fun! I’ll head over after I read your next post to catch up.

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