How it All Began ;-)

january2017quizIt’s January, the beginning of a new year. And it’s a great time of year for…

a quiz!! Oh, I don’t want toΒ hear it! No-one forced you to come here today, right?? πŸ˜‰

Modern crime fiction owes much to its origins. But as a dedicated crime fiction fan, you already knew that, didn’t you? And you know all of the early inspiration for today’s great crime fiction, don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question with the correct answer, and see how many you get right.

Ready? Open that old book to get started….. if you dare… Β  πŸ˜‰




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41 responses to “How it All Began ;-)

  1. Ah nothing like a little quiz to get the grey cells going! And I’m happy to report that I got 100%, with one lucky guess, of course!

  2. As if I wasn’t depressed enough. I didn’t do too well and this is an area I consider I have a far amount of knowledge on. You have enlighten me Margot, thank you some very interesting points!

  3. Finally got 100% on one of your quizzes, Margot, and that makes me very . . . old! 😦

  4. Nice one Margot! That’s the first quiz of yours I’ve got a decent result on (80%) – probably because there was a lot of older stuff in there! πŸ™‚

  5. 10/10, Margot – which is a relief; if I HADN’T gotten a perfect score on the classics, as Classic Mysteries podcaster and blogger, I’d never have heard the end of it… πŸ˜‰

    Glad to see lots of other people scoring well – solid grounding in the origins of some great mystery fiction!

    • Well done, Les!!! A brilliant score! And yes, I’d have expected such from you. In fact, I’ll bet you could answer many, much more obscure and difficult questions about the beginnings of crime fiction. And I agree: knowing the origins of crime fiction adds to the richness of the genre.

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  7. I did decently on this one: 90%. It was an interesting quiz.

  8. 80%, which wouldn’t bother me in itself, but one of the questions I got wrong was the Agatha Christie one!!! I’m off to embroider myself a badge of shame… πŸ˜‰

  9. Margot: Happy with 90%. Good thing you do not make up an Agatha Christie quiz. I am more often wrong than right with Christie questions …… Oh, no, did I just give you an idea for a quiz?

    • Oh, what a wonderful idea, Bill! Thank you! An Agatha Christie quiz! *Busily making plans….*

      [A 90% is a terrific score – very well done! – I’m impressed.]

  10. neeru

    Got 80%, which I am pretty happy about. But the ques on Agatha Christie is not clear enough (or wasn’t for me anyway:). I thought we had to name the sleuth created by Anna Katherine Greene!!!

  11. 7/10 and that’s the first time I crossed the halfway mark. I can’t believe I actually got the Charles Dickens question wrong β€” I must read an unabridged version of BLEAK HOUSE, as well as the two Wilkie Collins. I like Anna Katherine Greene’s stories and especially her clean prose. Thanks for this great quiz, Margot!

  12. I got 80% today! Quite pleased but I need to brush up on my Australian crime before the next surprise quiz!

  13. kathy d

    I got 80% and I’m OK with that. I didn’t guess at any answers, but I had not read the authors’ books listed in two question. So all’s fair in this quiz.
    I wish I had read the Dickens’ books. Some old titles have become new again, including the one that is the right answer.

    • I think an 80% is a great score, Kathy. And nobody can read everything. I know I couldn’t possibly. You’re right, too: some of those old titles are coming back.

  14. 60% which isn’t bad going for me as someone who mostly reads current crime. πŸ™‚

  15. Always fun doing one of your quizzes, Margot.Didn’t do as bad as usual. Scored a 60%.

  16. Margot…too scared to find out how little I really know!!

  17. I got 90%. I miss the question about the Australian mystery writer Arthur Upfield. I never heard of him before. There are so many mysteries out there that I’ve heard of but haven’t read as of yet. I would love to read The Moonstone and The Woman In White by Wilkie Colins, Bleak House, and some of the mysteries by Anna Katharine Green. I heard that Christie borrowed a certain plot device from Green in The Mysterious Affair At Styles. But Green borrowed the plot device from Edgar Allan Poe! But I didn’t know that Christie was inspired with her idea of Miss Marple by Green’s Amelia Butterworth. Surprised that Christie didn’t include this in her autobiography. She includes other slivers of inspiration for Miss Marple in there but not that.

    • She does, indeed, Sbrnseay1, so it’s interesting that she didn’t mention Amelia Butterworth. And I know precisely what you mean about there being so many mysteries you haven’t had a chance to read. I’m the same way. I don’t think there’s time in this one life to read it all, really. But you did a fabulous job on the quiz – 90% is an excellent score – I’m impressed.

  18. Well, my smug level just rose to 11 as I got them all right! Thanks Margot, love your quizes πŸ™‚

  19. 90% for me, and very happy with that. I do enjoy your quizzes.

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