Sorry, I’m Not Here Just Now…

guest-post-20-february-2017Hi, it’s Margot. Sorry I can’t take your visit just now. I’m off visiting Jane Risdon, crime writer, blogger, and expert in the music business. Jane’s also one of the contributing authors for In a Word: Murder, for which I’m most grateful. Please do come pay me a visit at Jane’s. I’ll be talking about the disaster that led to my newest release, Past Tense, and how something good came out of it all.

And, as you’ll be there anyway, do have a look around Jane’s excellent site. You’ll find great flash fiction, photography, and ‘on the road’ stories. And try her short stories, too. You’ll be very glad you did.
I’ll be back tomorrow with In The Spotlight.



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4 responses to “Sorry, I’m Not Here Just Now…

  1. Hopping over now. I’ll be back <– said in my best Terminator voice.

  2. Read it, Margot. As always, excellent insights about writing.

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