The Heat is On ;-)

desertsIt’s been awfully hot in the Southern Hemisphere. And a lot of folks in the Northern Hemisphere are eagerly awaiting the coming of warmer weather. In both cases, it’s got me thinking of deserts. And that has me thinking of…



…a quiz!  Oh, come on! Stop it right now! There’s no law making you visit this blog, is there?   😉

Not all deserts are hot, of course, but they can all be effective contexts for crime stories. And, as a dedicated crime fiction fan, you know all of your desert-based crime novels, don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question to the correct answer, and see how many you get right.


Ready? Put on your sunglasses to begin… if you dare!  😉




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34 responses to “The Heat is On ;-)

  1. Yes, pretty proud of myself – 9/10. There was one author who was completely new to me, so of course I guessed wrong…

  2. 8 for me, Margot. Great fun, as always. Thanks!

  3. mudpuddle

    8/10; i’d better take a larger canteen the next time i read a desert mystery… tx; most enjoyable and entertaining…

  4. 9 out of ten this time, Margot – one required a guess, and I guessed wrong…sigh…

  5. 80% this time, but could have been much worse – I had to guess several and some guesses came off. A toughie – clearly I don’t spend enough time in deserts… 🙂

  6. Wow! I got 100% Great quiz Margot!

  7. Only seven on 10 this time! But great quiz. Challenging…

  8. tracybham

    80%, not too bad. My guessing could have been better.

  9. Ooh a hard one this week for me a very poor 60% 😦

  10. Well, I only got 7 right of these Margot – goes I’m not as good in dry places as I thought! Thanks. 🙂

  11. Only 80% for me – I knew there was a reason I don’t like deserts 🙂

  12. Col

    8/10 not too bad and very enjoyable, cheers!

  13. Margot, I scored a pathetic 4/10. Clearly, I need to brush up on my reading of crime fiction.

  14. kathy d

    I got 9 out of 10 right. I wouldn’t mind except that I read the series for which I got a wrong answer. How did that happen? Oh, well, I’ll settle. Fun anyway.

  15. Not a quiz!!!! You’re so sneaky. I’ll come back and take it like a good little crime reader.

  16. 70% – had no idea on 3 questions – I’m such a lousy guesser! Given 50-50 odds……..100% i will guess the wrong one 😜

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