It Was Just My Dog and Me*

Recently, Marina Sofia at Finding Time to Write posted some lovely pictures of writers with their cats. I really enjoyed that post, because I think it shows a side of authors that we don’t always see. And, although I don’t live with cats, I do like them very much.

Of course, there are also plenty of authors who are owned by dogs. So, I thought it might be fun to have a look at some of those authors, too.


Here is Canadian novelist Louise Penny with her Golden Retriever. Her series features Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, who’s also owned by a dog.


This is Sara Paretsky with her Golden Retriever. As fans can tell you, her V.I. Warshawski is owned by two dogs, Mitch and Peppy.


And here’s Stephen King with his Corgi canine overlord. No, let’s not mention Cujo here….


This is Martin Walker, author of the Benoît ‘Bruno’ Courrèges series. Here he’s consulting with his Basset Hound owner.


I don’t think I could look at crime-fictional authors and their canines without mentioning Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Here he is with his terrier owner.


And anyone who knows me will know that I also couldn’t do a post on crime fiction without a mention of Agatha Christie. Here’s a young Ms. Christie with her Fox Terrier. It shouldn’t be surprising that dogs figure so often in her stories.

It’s not just fictional sleuths who are owned by dogs. Their creators often are, too. Thanks very much, Marina Sofia, for the inspiration. I’m really glad you got me thinking about this. Folks, give yourselves a treat and have a look at Marina Sofia’s excellent blog. Fine reviews, excellent poetry, and more await you there.


*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from John Hiatt’s My Dog and Me.


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32 responses to “It Was Just My Dog and Me*

  1. Thank you for the mention, Margot, and I’m so glad it inspired you to show famous authors and their dogs! What beautiful dogs those retrievers are! And are those two little cuties at the top the dogs who own you?

    • They are, indeed, Marina Sofia. Those are my overlords. And it’s a great pleasure to mention your blog any time. I was really grateful for the inspiration, too. You know, there’s something about knowing an author has a cat or a dog. Animal companionship adds something, at least for me. And those things make an author more real and accessible.

  2. I really enjoyed these photos, Margot. It’s funny how we are with our furry babies. My critique always says, “I knew you’d work a cat in there somewhere.” And now that I have a dog too, there just might be a dog in my next story. 😀

    • I’m so glad you enjoy the post, Pat. And I agree with you; it really is interesting how we are with our furry family members. I think it’s be great to have a dog in your next story, too. They can really add ‘personality’ to a novel. 🙂

  3. Nothing against cats or their owners, but I’ve always found dogs much more companionable.

  4. kathy d

    Your dogs are adorable and I can see they have administrative skills.
    But no slurs on our feline friends. Cats are great. I grew up with them, became allergic to them, which was a sad development. Would have some if I could.
    And I love dogs, too, pet my neighbors’ dogs and play with them when I can.
    Dogs and cats are each wonderful in their own way. And each one has a different personality.
    Thanks for those photos.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the ‘photos, Kathy. And you’re right; dogs and cats are each great in their own ways. There’s just something about pets that add to a home, I think. I can see why you were glad to grow up with them.

  5. tracybham

    Lovely pictures, Margot, and especially your two dogs. We are cat people now, but my husband and I had two dogs before the cats, Baron, a German Shepherd, from 1978-1982 and Billie, a mutt, from 1982 – 1997.

    • Awww, they sound like great dogs, Tracy. And thanks for the kind words about my canine overlords. They certainly know who rules the roost… 😉 – I’m glad you enjoyed the other ‘photos, too. I always think it shows another, interesting side of an author when you know that s/he has a dog or a cat.

  6. Love this post – I’ve been trying to work out what kind of terrier ACD has (we grew up with Cairn terriers; the last died a couple of months ago and my Mum’s decided she’s not fit enough to house train another puppy, sadly.) I’d describe myself as a dog person but oddly, even though he has working dogs, my Dad’s daft about cats! I must check Marina’s feature too.

    • Thanks very much Crimeworm – so glad you enjoyed the post. I’m honestly not 100% sure of what sort of terrier that is. I want to say a Scotty, but not sure at all. At any rate, I’m very sorry to hear you lost your Cairn. It is so hard to lost a pet. It’s interesting, too, isn’t it, how people can very much love both dogs and cats. Many have both, and even among those who only have one, they often do like the other very much, too. And, yes, I do highly recommend Marina Sofia’s post. It’s fantastic.

  7. mudpuddle

    Margot, there’s something very “mysterious” about your two owners… ours is a german short hair named Albert…

    • He sounds like a great dog, Mudpuddle. And, don’t tell anyone, please, but my two canine overlords are actually the ones who write my novels. They just use my name as a ‘front.’

  8. Col

    Dogs for me – a Scottish terrier called Jim and a Shitzu-cross-Yorkie called Frank!

  9. What a lovely post! It’s interesting to see which breed of dogs different writers own – I love the photo of Agatha Christie with her fox terrier.

    • I liked that ‘photo, too, Hayley. And thanks for the kind words. I think it’s interesting, too, to know which breeds different authors choose – or, rather, which breeds choose different authors…

  10. What a brilliant set of pictures that serve to remind us that authors have lives just like ours – good to be reminded of Agatha Christie and her fox terrier too.

    • Thank you, Cleo. I agree that it’s good to be reminded that authors are simply people. And I really liked that ‘photo of Christie, too. I felt lucky to have found it.

  11. Aww, what a great post, Margot. Loved seeing writers and their dogs. I think sometimes we put our favorite authors on a pedestal and forget they’re human beings with “real” lives that often include pets.

    • So glad you enjoyed the post, Sue. And I think you’re right: it’s easy to forget that those authors are/were real people. And that does include pets. It’s nice to remember that…

  12. I think it has been a great loss in my life to never have had a dog or cat.

  13. What fabulous photos! I’d never have guessed that Stephen King was a corgi owner. Lots of terriers in these pictures – good at unearthing things? I’m a greyhound person myself, but there’s not so many of them in crime fiction.

    • You know, there aren’t Countrycrime. And they’re such beautiful dogs – poetry in motion when they run. I think you’re right about terriers, too. Several of the terrier varieties were bred for chasing prey down holes and digging for things. Glad you enjoyed the post and ‘photos!

  14. Interesting post. 🙂

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