Tell Us What You’ve Seen*

I learn so much from authors I respect. So I’m especially privileged and excited that Christine Poulson has invited me to visit her blog for an interview! Like me, she’s an academic. She’s also the author of the first-rate Cassandra James Cambridge Mystery novels, and of a new standalone, Deep Water. It’s a real honour to have been invited to her blog!

Please come pay me a visit at Christine’s terrific blog, where I’ll be answering a few questions about my writing and blogging. And, as you’ll be there, anyway, do have a look around the blog, and try her excellent mysteries. You’ll be glad you did.


*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from the Moody Blues’ Lovely to See You.


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9 responses to “Tell Us What You’ve Seen*

  1. Fab interview, always good to see what Joel is up to and I can’t wait. Also looking forward to your stand-alone. Absolutely loved Past Tense, so hurry up 😉

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