A Handy Tool to Help You Choose Books ;-)

Lots of people in the Northern Hemisphere are planning their summer reading. There are all sorts of challenges, memes, and so on to help with that. And in the Southern Hemisphere, winter is fast closing in. It’s time to choose some books for those chilly nights by the fire.

Before you click that ‘Purchase’ button, wouldn’t it be nice if you could be warned about certain sorts of books? That way, you wouldn’t waste your money. Well, ever civic-minded, I’ve developed a great new warning system for your home computer. You’ll see the PC/Windows version dialogue boxes, but the system is also downloadable in a Mac-compatible format.

What you get is a terrific series of dialogue boxes that pop up whenever you’re about to make a book purchase. They’re easy to read, easy to use, and guaranteed to help you spend your money wisely. Just have a look!








What do you think? Wouldn’t you love this handy tool?


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47 responses to “A Handy Tool to Help You Choose Books ;-)

  1. I could really do with that tool every time I read a book recommendation on someone’s blog…..!

  2. Anne Hagan

    As a reader, I love it. As an author, I can think of at least one way to hate each warning!

  3. I wish everybody I know would click “yes” for the last one. Wait, I probably don’t know enough people to make my car payment. Drats! 🙂

  4. A great idea, Margot! Especially the TBR warning.

  5. kathy d.

    I like it, I like it, including the last box. I’d definitely buy the last book to help a known writer pay for his/her car. (Well, maybe not if the body counts are too high and there’s gore and a woman’s back on the cover.) So I still have standards.

  6. Very clever, Margot. And Yes, especially the one about all the typos and grammar errors. I’d love a warning about that!

  7. Great ideas, weapons of defense against Amazon, the vendor I love and hate with equal passion.

  8. mudpuddle

    hahaha what are you really saying, Margot…? i detect a delightful sense of humor lurking between the lines…

  9. Hahahahaha!! Brilliant, Margot! This is exactly what I need to get my TBR under control! Especially the 800 pages one and the typos – oh, and the third book in a series! Sign me up…

  10. The “alternative title” and the TBR pile check would both be good. Wonderful idea, Margot.

  11. Love the one regarding translated series books. Why are they never released in the order they were written? It boggles the mind.

  12. How about:

    This book has the villains and evil doers firing hundreds of shots at the hero from far, middle and near range but never wounding the hero. Do you wish to purchase this book?

    This book contains multiple intimately described autopsies. Do you wish to purchase this book?

    This book’s cover (front and back) has blurbs that are either totally misleading or lacking any context or give away key elements of the plot. Do you wish to purchase this book?

    And a super box that this book has all of the above. Who would want to purchase this book?

    Very clever post Margot.

    • Oh, I love these, Bill! They’re fabulous! I find all of those things really bothersome, so it’d be great to have those warnings. Thanks for adding so much to the post. And thanks for the kind words.

  13. kathy d.

    And a book where a character’s name is spelled differently in different chapters? Also, a book where the timing of a character leaving his/her home or office and arriving at a destination are impossible by car or the schedule makes no logical sense? Or where coincidences or acts of nature just happen to rescue the hero at the right moment?
    I agree with many of the above points, including autopsy descriptions. Who needs them other than the coroner? Can’t the police just get ta report? Do they have to see them?

    • Those are all great suggestions, Kathy. And I agree with you and Bill about the autopsy. There’s no need for intimate details about autopsies. I think the author can make a point very well without them.

  14. Amazon would boycot it fiercely. Their ebook sales would drop dramatically 😉

  15. Oh, so recognisable! Especially that ‘book won’t be translated into a language you know for twenty years’ or ‘you already own this book under a different title’. I really, really wish they had warnings for that!

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love your humor, Margot!

  17. Hilarious, and so recognizable. I would also suggest:
    This book pretends to be shocked and horrified by violence, particularly towards women and children, and proves this virtue by describing such gruesome violence in great detail. Still want to buy it?

  18. Haha yes this would help enormously, the one reminding me how many books are on my TBR and the one for the third in the series would be especially helpful.

    • I know just what you mean, Cleo! My TBR is embarrassing, and it is so annoying, isn’t it, when you find out you won’t be able to catch up in a series because of translation. That’s one thing I really wish could be resolved.

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  20. kathy d.

    I just concluded that I must enjoy blogs and book reviews for their own sake — and not to add books to my two gigantic TBR lists. Impossible to read everything. So I’m just going to enjoy the reading and only add a few books … er, maybe one per blog post.

    • You’re right, Kathy, about the TBR challenge. I have too many books on mine, too! Sometimes it’s better just to read about great books and not necessarily add them to the list…

  21. kathy d.

    Yes. My question is why did it take me so long to figure this out?

  22. These are so funny! I would like to see one that warns the book will create a lot of questions, answer very few of them, and make you feel like you missed something, but not enough to go back and look through it again. I have a couple I read a while back that could have used that warning.

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