Strike Up the Band ;-)

There’s nothing like listening to music to free you and make your day better. And thinking about beautiful music has me thinking about…



…a quiz!!!  Oh please!   If you don’t know by now to be  careful around here, that’s hardly my fault, is it? 😉


Music is important to a lot of people. That’s just as true in crime fiction as it is in real life. And, as a dedicated crime fiction fan, you know your musical sleuths and stories don’t you? Or do you? Take this handy quiz and find out. Match each question to the correct answer and see how many you get right.


Ready? Put the headphones on to begin… if you dare! 😉


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20 responses to “Strike Up the Band ;-)

  1. Ah, I can’t believe I missed one! Only 9 out of 10 for me this time…

  2. And 10 out of 10 for me. Love your quizzes, Margot!

  3. 10 out if 10 for me, Margot. Great fun. Thanks

  4. Janet F

    Margot another terrific quiz, really enjoyed this one even though I missed one and only scored 90% on “Strike Up the Band! ;-)” I’ll have to keep reading – books and your very excellent blog – and sharpen the skills for next time….

  5. Yay! 100% – first time in ages! Great fun as always, Margot – thanks! 😀

  6. Col

    Boom , 10/10. A great start to another day!

  7. Hanging my head in shame on that one, Margot. 😦

  8. tracybham

    10 out of 10, Margot. it must have been too easy. I did guess well this time.

  9. kathy d.

    Got 90% I’m fine with that. Although I have read two books in the series mentioned in that question, I did not read of the detective’s musical band preference.

  10. 100%! Very pleased with myself this time…

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