Your Special Reporter Checking In ;-)


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18 responses to “Your Special Reporter Checking In ;-)

  1. It would be so hard to be in Vegas right now and not have some of horrific scenes playing in your mind. But, I agree, a visit to the casino with the lights and the noises and maybe even a jackpot couldn’t hurt. 😀

    • I have to be honest, Pat. There are a lot of horrific scenes playing in my head; that’s been awfully hard for me. I can’t imagine what it all must be like for the families of those most directly affected by what happened. *Shudder* The casino is fascinating, though. And, hey, if there’s a huge jackpot, too, well…

      • I have an old friend who lives in Vegas. She was not anywhere near the strip that night, but she says the whole town is traumatized. I can understand that.

        • It is, indeed, Pat. It really is. On the other hand, there’s also the sense that Las Vegas is not going to give in to that fear and trauma. And people are helping each other. Everyone’s pitching in, too. A lot of the show headliners are donating proceeds to a relief fund, or to help pay medical bills, etc.. And there are signs everywhere encouraging people to help.

  2. Wish you were going to be in Toronto instead. But good on you for going ahead with your conference.

  3. Great message, Margot! These terrible events mustn’t make us too afraid to enjoy the good things in life – like hotel breakfasts and casinos… oh, and conferences of course! 😉 Have a great time!

    • Thanks, FictionFan – on all counts! I couldn’t agree more that we can’t allow horrible events to freeze us in our tracks. And there is something to be said for hotel breakfasts and casinos. Oh, yeah, and conferences, too! 😉

  4. Col

    Have a great trip, Margot. Don’t lose your hat in the casino!

  5. It seems that so many places, in many countries, would be left alone if individuals gave into fear of one kind or another. Well done, Margot, for being one of those who make a stand against that fear and helping support Las Vegas in its moment of need. Enjoy the conference, enjoy the casino, enjoy life…..and stay safe.

    • Thanks for the kind words, LBRB. I agree with you that too often, we give into fear instead of working together. I wish Las Vegas well as its people work towards the future. Thanks for the good wishes!

  6. mudpuddle

    speaking of horrific events, i’ve recently discovered an antidote: Delano Ames, a more or less Golden Age author whose detector team, Dagobert and Jane Brown, solve, in a welter of witty, clever, humorous writing, some exceedingly unusual crimes… highly recommended…

  7. Kathy D.

    It’s so sad what happened there. It’s terrible and still no motive.
    What keeps the people going I’m sure is the support they give each other, and the fundraising and other help coming to the survivors.
    Glad you mentioned the events there and that people are continuing to live their lives in spite of the trauma. The human spirit lives on!

    • Oh, it does, Kathy. It’s heartening to see how people are supporting each other, working to help the survivors and their families, the whole thing. Everywhere you go, you see signs that Las Vegas is still here, and is not afraid. And lots of performers, headline comics, and so on, are donating their proceeds. That’s good to see.

  8. Just makes me smile. Thanks. Have fun …can’t let the baddies win xx

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