Sleuth Celebrity Shows ;-)

We’re all familiar with our top fictional sleuths’ skill at solving mysteries. But they have other talents, too, if you think about it. What if those other talents were celebrated? Wouldn’t it be great if the fictional sleuths we like best got their own TV shows, designed to showcase those skills? No, I mean it – it could work. If you’ll park your disbelief in front of the laptop to do some online shopping, I’ll show you what I mean with these


Sleuth Celebrity Shows

Restaurant Rescue

Struggling restaurants everywhere get a new lease on life as master gourmand Hercule Poirot (Agatha Christie) offers them his singular expertise. Join M. Poirot as he pays a visit to a different restaurant each week, and gives the owner and chef the benefit of his deep knowledge of ambiance, food, wine, and service. The end result? A restaurant and staff that provide an unforgettable dining experience. You won’t want to miss it!

[We hear from our sources that Nero Wolfe (Rex Stout) had been considered for this show, but his spokesman has said that Wolfe would not be taking the role. The spokesman neither confirmed nor denied that Wolfe said the show was ‘flummery.’]


Refashion Yourself

If you’ve ever felt you wanted a new look, but weren’t sure where to start, you’ll want to tune in as Paris’ own Aimée Leduc (Cara Black) transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Each week, she takes charge of a different lucky client’s wardrobe, and brings it alive with the best in clothes, shoes, outerwear, accessories, and more. She also offers valuable tips to viewers on how to put together simple but sophisticated looks for every occasion. Don’t miss a single episode!


Save My Kitchen

Straight from the heart of France’s gastronomic culture, Bruno Courrèges (Martin Walker) brings the Périgord to homes everywhere. Tune in each week as this skilled chef transforms his guests’ everyday meals into something special. With the right ingredients and simple cooking strategies, Courrèges makes even a quick lunch memorable. Each episode brings you a treasure trove of advice for your own kitchen. No more ho-hum meals!


Live With Less

The show for people who want to de-clutter and start living simpler, less hectic, and less expensive lives. Let natural living expert Rebecka Martinsson (Åsa Larsson) be your guide to a more sustainable, more budget-conscious, and less frantic lifestyle. Each week, Rebecka visits the home of a different family, and gives them sustainable and inexpensive solutions for clothing, cooking, cleaning, and much more. Each episode teaches easy ways to cut down the waste, tone down the non-stop stress of modern life, and make the most of what nature offers. Don’t miss a single one!


The Big Event

Starring one of the world’s foremost entertainment experts, Phryne Fisher (Kerry Greenwood), this show covers everything involved in planning and hosting the perfect event. Each week, Phryne coaches her guests as they put together weddings, reunions, corporate events, and other special occasions. Watch as the guests plan themes, decorations, music, food and drink, and all of the other unique touches that make an event unforgettable. Then, see the event itself, and get some great ideas for your own big day.


Pub Crawl

Renowned pub expert E. Morse (Colin Dexter) takes you on a tour of the UK’s best pubs and watering holes. Each week, Morse visits a different local, and shares his experiences. Learn how the UK’s pubs compare on selection, price, quality, ambiance, and much more. Enjoy Morse’s critiques, and pick your own new places to try!


See what I mean? These TV shows could really take off, don’t you think? And it would mean our sleuths could earn some welcome extra income. These are just a few of my own ideas. Got any of your own to share?


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25 responses to “Sleuth Celebrity Shows ;-)

  1. Lovely, ! I can see Andrea Camilleri’s Inspector Montalbano as an irascible judge on Masterchef. And how about having Miss Marple adjudicate on the Great British Bake-Off?
    But really, Margot, given the high incidence of poisoning cases that Poirot takes on, would you really be happy eating at any restaurant that he was concerned with (sparkling cyanide, anyone?)?

    • 😆 You do have a point about the poisoning, Christine! I really like your ideas for both Montalbano and Miss Marple, too. I actually also thought a gardening show for her, too. Don’t you just love it that those sleuths have those extra talents? Thanks for the kind words.

  2. This is a lot of fun, Margot. I do remember Wolfe going to and helping out at Rusterman’s Restaurant in that series, and Aimee Leduc’s clothes being very impressive. And for the series I have not read, it was interesting to hear about the sleuth’s other talents.

    • Thanks, Tracy. You’re right; the only restaurant the Wolfe would consider leaving his home to visit would be Rusterman’s. And I agree; Leduc has really fine clothes, doesn’t she?

  3. I’ve got nothing! But I sure enjoy your creative speculations! Well done!

  4. Lovely Margot! Great idea – but I think Poirot would spend too much time making sure the table setting was perfectly symmetrical, all the cutlery equi-spaced. I think he’d refuse to take bookings for 3 guests because that would be uneven at the table!

    • 😆 He probably would, Moira! Still, can you imagine how lovely those table settings would look? And he would certainly do much to improve sloppy food presentation… Thanks very much for the kind words!

  5. I’d happily watch any of those shows Margot – I think Dalziel is more suited to radio 😉 Perhaps he could quiz politicians in his own inimitable style?

    • 😆 Oh, Cleo, that would be fabulous! I’d love to tune in! That would no doubt be an interesting series, wouldn’t it? I wonder how politicians would react to his – er – interview style?

  6. Woolly Wonders!

    Join Miss Marple and her regular guest Mme Defarge as they show how a simple ball of wool can be turned into anything from a simple hat to an elaborate fluffy sweater and cardigan combo! Mme Defarge will also show the interested viewer how a simple scarf can be used to hide deep secrets – safer than internet security!

    • 😆 Oh, my, FictionFan, that is spot on! Just perfect! I can just see how Mme Defarge and Miss Marple would get on, too. That dynamic alone would be…interesting! I’d love to learn how to knit like that, too, actually… Oh, this is excellent, and I’m so glad you shared it.

  7. Col

    Great choices Margot.

  8. Thanks for that Margot – great fun 🙂

  9. Spade & Dagger

    I can see Nero Wolfe (Rex Stout) doing a regular slot on BBC Gardeners World, helping us to grow exotic houseplants such as orchids in our own orchid houses on the roof.
    Falco (Lindsey Davis) could join the experts on Bargain Hunt, now that he runs his late father’s (dodgy) antiques business. Whilst Francis Powerscourt (David Dickinson – no, not the ex-Bargain Hunt one!) and Erast Fandorin (Boris Akunin) could slip into being the presenter of any TV show, as they are highly skilled at taking on the role of any character to suit their investigations.

    • Oh, Spade & Dagger, those are fabulous! Well done. I think you’re absolutely right that both Powerscourt and Fandorin really would be terrific presenters (Hadn’t thought of that, so thanks for filling in that gap). And no-one knows more than Wolfe does about growing beautiful orchids. I can definitely see him sharing his expertise – so long as the show could be filmed at the brownstone, so he wouldn’t have to leave it…

  10. Kathy D.

    I had also thought of the corpulent New York detective teaching classes on horticulture, especially on the caring of orchids. But the camera people and producers would have to go to the agoraphobe’s house in New York, as he only leaves to go to Rusterman’s.
    And then there is the Melbourne baker, Corinna Chapman, who could give classes on baking at her shop, especially of muffins. And her eccentric neighbors and cats could drop in and out of filming.
    I agree with Asa Larsson and Phrynne Fisher’s classes. Phrynne could also give classes on fashion, as she wears some of the greatest clothes ever seen on TV, an art unto themselves.
    I wonder if Harry Bosch could give classes on jazz appreciation. He is an expert. And by the way, the new Michael Connelly book with Bosch and Mickey Haller is out.

    • You’re quite right, Kathy. Any show starring Wolfe would have to be filmed at his brownstone, as he would never consent to travel. And it’s true that Phryne Fisher has a great sense of fashion; her look are terrific, aren’t they? Good point, too, about a jazz show featuring Harry Bosch; it would be a great addition to the radio offerings…

  11. Margot: Watch Russell Quant in Cruising with Q. as Russell takes Saskatchewan residents on a fabulous cruise every episode. The engaging and witty Russell will show viewers how to have a good time eating and drinking and partying on his favourite cruise ships. With Russell focused on the good times there will be an ongoing consultant, blogger Bill Selnes, who will rate each ship’s team trivia contests and comment on their libraries.

    Coming next fall is The Simple Life with Armand and Reine Marie Gamache hosting a series on life in the Quebec countryside at their comfortably chic home in Three Pines. In the pilot learn the importance of the proper croissant with morning coffee. An early episode will concentrate on Armand showing how to walk your dog in the country. Let Reine Marie entrance you with the fascination of early 20th century archives from Three Pines. One of the challenges each week will be see if the guests can find Three Pines since it is not on any map. Follow the hilarity that ensues from guests seeking directions to a village for which there are no signposts. Eccentric village elder and poet, Ruth Zardo with her duck under arm, will make the occasional appearance though producers have been challenged by bleeping out the foul language of poet and duck.

    (Your examples are great. They truly invite the reader to think each show is possible.)

    • I can most definitely see both of these shows, Bill! And you would really make an excellent consultant for Cruising with Q, too. A new career, perhaps? I love the idea of The Simple Life, too, and I can just imagine that useful instruction on exactly how morning coffee and croissants should be. I know I’ll definitely be tuning in to each episode!

      [Love these, Bill – thanks as ever for your contributions. They always make these posts of mine better.]

  12. Live with Less sounds like a fabulous show! I’d watch it. Love when you let your hair down, Margot! You’ve got such a great sense of humor. I really need to get to CA sooner rather than later. We’d have a ball!

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