More Breaking News…

Apologies if you stopped by hoping to read one of my usual posts about crime fiction. Feel free to move on to the rest of your blog rounds, especially if you don’t care for authors to talk about their own releases. I won’t be offended…

…still here? Thanks!

Downfall, my newest Joel Williams novel, is now available for pre-order in Kindle format! The paperback version will be available on 16 March.

Here’s an excerpt from the novel:

Out there on that beam, three stories up – that was where he wanted to be. Curtis Templeton was going to be king of the world. He was proud of himself, too; he’d managed to get out of school without anyone knowing he was gone. Well, almost nobody knew. He’d been wanting to check out this construction site ever since the weather had started to get warmer, and now that it was nearly summer, it was a perfect day for it. Besides, after what had happened that morning, he wanted to get away. Just get away and think. He was lucky, too. Normally, the construction crew would have been on the site, but they couldn’t go any further with what they were doing until the wiring had been completed, and the electricians weren’t on site that day. He had the place all to himself. He found a weak spot in the fence surrounding the construction site and squeezed through as he threw a nervous glance around. The last thing he needed was to be spotted while climbing the scaffolding. Slowly at first, but then with growing confidence, he got to what was going to be the second floor of the building. He sat down for a moment on the scaffolding right outside one of the windows and looked inside. Nothing much to see yet – just a big expanse of floor and stark walls. They hadn’t started any of the inside plastering and painting yet. It didn’t matter, though. He hadn’t planned to go inside anyway.

After a short rest, Curtis continued his climb. He’d taken just a few steps when he heard the creak of boards somewhere below him. He stopped to see if the noise had come from his own steps. It hadn’t. He glanced down but didn’t see anyone. Besides, nobody knew he was up there. Must be a squirrel or something. He listened again for a few minutes, but didn’t hear anything more. He climbed a few more steps and, still hearing nothing, turned his attention back to that third-floor beam he wanted to reach. Step by step.

After another short rest, Curtis finally made it to the third floor. It hadn’t been easy, but he was fifteen – old enough to get all the way to the top if he’d wanted to. He finally reached the beam he’d been dreaming of sitting on – perched just like a bird over the city street below. When he got to the beam, he slowly straightened up and prepared to walk to the end of it. He knew he could do it; all it took was concentration. Foot in front of foot. He focused carefully and started moving. Then he heard it again – that same noise he’d heard earlier. He stopped for a moment but didn’t hear anything. Still, he couldn’t help feeling like someone was watching him.

All of a sudden, the world spun out of control as Curtis felt a hard push from behind and lost his balance. He scrabbled frantically to grab something – anything – to keep him from falling, but it was too late. As the coroner’s report later said, Curtis Templeton died on impact when his body landed on the street three stories below

Interested? Check it out right here!


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42 responses to “More Breaking News…

  1. wonderful post, impressive with details and excitement!!

  2. Sounds fantastic! 🙂 Looking forward to this read. 🙂

  3. tracybham

    You know me, Margot. I will be waiting for print format. But I am glad it is available both ways…

  4. Congratulations, Margot! How thrilling!! 😀

  5. Great extract – looking forward to reading the book! 😀

  6. Excellent I’m so looking forward to reading this Margot!

  7. Congratulations on the release. Sounds like a winner.

  8. mudpuddle

    i got the chills, remembering my overly adventurous youth; i’ve been nervous about heights ever since, even though it was part of my job, once… i’ll get the paperback when it comes out… sounds right up my alley…

  9. I’ve pre-ordered my copy, too!

  10. Sounds terrific Margot.. Look forward to promoting when available in the cafe and bookstore if you would like to .Sally

  11. Congratulations. I really appreciate all those other posts about other crime fiction. It would be really miserly to get upset about your new release. Congratulations. Will go to Kindle and look for it.

  12. Now I want to know more – looking forward to reading this!

  13. Kathy D.

    Congratulations on the release of your new book! How exciting. Can’t wait to read it with the lovely cover.

  14. Excited for you! I’ve just pre-ordered it. Let me know if you do any blog touring…I’d love to have you on the blog anytime.

  15. ~~SHIVVER!~~ I absolutely HATE heights. I watched “Vertigo” a couple of nights ago; still cringe when that cop tries to save Jimmy Stewart and plunges to his death! Excellent stuff, Margot. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. Reblogged this on MotiveMeansOpportunity and commented:
    From Mystery Writer/Blogger, Margot Kimberg’s new book, DOWNFALL

  17. I’m really scared of heights and don’t even like to go up a ladder. I got the triple creeps with the guy going off the building. It made a big impression. Like he did I imagine. Great scene!

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  19. Wow, this sounds great! Congratulations on the new release, Margot, and good luck!

  20. WOW! Margot, I really like this. And that last sentence took my beath away!
    Great job!

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