Crime Fiction News Break


…In which you’ll get to ‘meet’ two budgies (not mine) named Perry and Mason!

Links You’ll Want

Dean Street Press

Chiswick Crime Writers Panel

Murder in the Magic City

Agatha Awards

Janice MacDonald


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12 responses to “Crime Fiction News Break

  1. Interesting interview Margot. The sound at the beginning was a little wonky but it got better as the interview went on.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the interview, Anne. Yes, unfortunately, there was a bit of a technical glitch – and the budgies – but isn’t Janice a fascinating person?

      • Yes she is. I was shocked that being Canadian, I have not heard of her before this. The mystery community is not that large here, but it’s apparently large enough that there are many new authors still to be discovered. Cheers!

  2. Bill Selnes

    Margot: Thanks for the interview. I enjoyed listening to Janice. My exchanges with her have been through emails. She has a great breadth and depth of knowledge of Canadian crime fiction. On what makes a book typical of Canadian crime fiction I would add to her remarks on the limited use of guns by Canadian sleuths. Not only do few use guns most do not carry a gun. Even the tough guys and girls rarely carry guns.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the interview, Bill. You’re right that Janice has a very thorough knowledge of Canadian crime fiction. It was a real pleasure to get the chance to speak to her. Thanks, too, for your thoughts on what makes Canadian crime fiction distinctive. I see your point, too; guns are not really a part of most Canadian crime novels.

  3. Col

    Thanks Margot – I’ll have to view tonight – my work’s lunch break only lasts so long!

  4. janicemacdonald

    Good lord, could those silly birds be any noisier?! Oh well, it was lovely to talk with you, Margot!

  5. That made a fascinating change from the usual newsbreak Margot. I have read one of Janice’s books, and very much enjoyed it, so must catch up. It was most interesting to hear the two of you chat, I learned a lot about several different things….

    • Thanks, Moira – I’m glad you thought the broadcast worked. Janice really is knowledgeable and interesting, isn’t she? It was a pleasure to chat with her. And I do recommend her work when you get to reading more of it.

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