In The Spotlight A-L

Hello, All,

Thanks to an excellent suggestion from José Ignacio of A Crime is Afoot,  I’ve decided to create a list of the books that I’ve taken a close look at for my In The Spotlight feature. Please feel free to visit this A-L list any time and catch up with any editions of In The Spotlight that you might want to look at again. I’ll be adding new titles here as I spotlight different books. As always, if there is a book or author you would like to see in the spotlight, please send me an Email.


Abbot, Megan – Die a Little


Ace, Cathy – The Corpse With the Silver Tongue


Adler-Olsen, Jussi – Mercy


Aird, Catherine – The Religious Body


Airth, Rennie – River of Darkness


Akunin, Boris – Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog


Alaux, Jean-Pierre and Balen, Nöel – Treachery in Bordeaux


Allingham, Margery – The Crime at Black Dudley


Alvtegen, Karin – Betrayal


Ambler, Eric – The Mask of Dimitrios/A Coffin For Dimitrios

Asimov, Isaac – The Caves of Steel


Atkinson, Kate – One Good Turn


Avery, Steph – Our Trespasses


Bailey, Frankie Y. – The Red Queen Dies


Bainbridge, Beryl – Harriet Said

Barclay, Linwood – Bad Move


Barnard, Robert – Death of an Old Goat

Barr, Nevada – Track of the Cat


Bauer, Belinda – Blacklands

Beaton, M.C. – Death of a Cad


Bell, Finn – Dead Lemons

Berard, Ray – Inside the Black Horse


Berkeley, Anthony – Roger Sheringham and the Vane Mystery


Bhattacharyya, Madhumita – The Masala Murder


Bingham, Harry – Talking to the Dead

Black, Cara – Murder in the Marais

Blackwell, Nathan – The Sound of Her Voice

Blake, Nicholas – The Beast Must Die


Blake, Robin – The Hidden Man


Block, Lawrence – The Sins of the Fathers


Blunt, Giles – Forty Words For Sorrow


Bolton, Sharon – A Dark and Twisted Tide


Booth, Stephen – Dying to Sin


Bowen, Gail – Deadly Appearances


Bowen, Rhys – For the Love of Mike


Box, C.J. – Three Weeks to Say Goodbye


Bradley, Alan – The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie


Brand, Christianna – Green For Danger


Braun, Lilian Jackson – The Cat Who Could Read Backwards


Brightwell, Emily – Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead


Brookmyre, Christopher – Quite Ugly One Morning


Brown, Honey – Through the Cracks


Bruen, Ken – The Guards


Bruet-Ferreols, Jean-Denis – The Cemetery of Swallows

Brunanski, Nelson – Crooked Lake


Bude, John – The Cornish Coast Murder


Burdett, John – Bangkok 8


Burke, James Lee – A Morning For Flamingos   


Cain, James M. – Double Indemnity


Camilleri, Andrea – The Shape of Water


Cannell, Stephen J. – The Tin Collectors


Cantrell, Rebecca – A Trace of Smoke


Carofiglio, Gianrico – Involuntary Witness

Carr, John Dickson – Hag’s Nook


Carter, Alan – Marlborough Man

Carter, Maureen – Working Girls


Casey, Jane – The Burning


Caspary, Vera – Laura

Caudwell, Sarah – Thus Was Adonis Murdered


Chandler, Raymond – The Big Sleep


Chesterton, G.K. – The Innocence of Father Brown


Christie, Agatha – 4:50 From Paddington


Christie, Agatha – The ABC Murders


Christie, Agatha – Five Little Pigs


Christie, Agatha – Hallowe’en Party


Christie, Agatha – The Mirror Crack’d


Claire, Edie – Never Buried

Clark, Martin – The Legal Limit


Clarkson, John – Among Thieves

Cleave, Paul – A Killer Harvest

Cleeves, Ann – Raven Black


Coben, Harlan – Deal Breaker

Coel, Margaret – The Eagle Catcher


Colfer, Eoin – Plugged

Collins, Wilkie – The Moonstone


Conan Doyle, Arthur – A Study in Scarlet


Connelly, Michael – The Black Ice


Constantine, K.C. – The Blank Page


Cooke, T.J. – Kiss and Tell


Cooper, Marla – Terror in Taffeta


Corris, Peter – The Dying Trade


Cotterill, Colin – The Coroner’s Lunch


Craig, James – Never Apologise, Never Explain


Crais, Robert – Lullaby Town


Crichton, Michael – A Case of Need


Crispin, Edmund – The Case of the Gilded Fly


Crofts, Freeman Wills – The Cask


Crombie, Deborah – In a Dark House


Crowley, Sinéad – Can Anybody Help Me?

Cullinane, Jonothan – Red Herring

Curtis, Sandy – Deadly Tide


Daly, Elizabeth – Unexpected Night


Daniell, John – The Fixer


Deighton, Len – Berlin Game


Delany, Vicki – In the Shadow of the Glacier


Denholm, Blair – Sold

Dennison, Hannah – Murder at Honeychurch Hall


Der Biggers, Earl – The House Without a Key


Desai, Kishwar – Witness the Night


Deverell, William – Trial of Passion

Dexter, Colin – The Daughters of Cain


Dibdin, Michael – Ratking


Dickens, Charles – Bleak House


Disher, Garry – Bitter Wash Road


Doiron, Paul – Massacre Pond


Dolan, Eva – Long Way Home


Doxiadis, Apostolos – Three Little Pigs


Drvenkar, Zoran – You

Duffy, Stella – The Hidden Room

Duigan, Virginia – The Precipice


du Maurier, Daphne – Jamaica Inn


Duncan, Elizabeth J. – The Cold Light of Mourning


Dunant, Sarah – Birth Marks

Edmondson, Jill – Blood and Groom


Edwards, Ruth Dudley – Corridors of Death

Elkins, Aaron – Fellowship of Fear


Ell, Gordon – The Ice Shroud

Ellis, Kate – The Merchant’s House


Ellroy, James – L.A. Confidential


Evans, Geraldine – Dead Before Morning


Evans, Ilsa – Nefarious Doings


Ferraris, Zoë – Finding Nouf

Ferris, Gordon – The Hanging Shed


Fitzgerald, Helen – The Cry


Flint, Shamini – A Calamitous Chinese Killing


Fossum, Karin – Don’t Look Back


Fowler, Christopher – Full Dark House


Fowler, Dorothy – What Remains Behind


Fowler, Earlene – State Fair


Fox, Kathryn – Malicious Intent


Francis, Dick – Whip Hand


Freeling, Nicolas – Double Barrel


French, Nicci – Blue Monday


French, Tana – In the Woods


Gappah, Petina – The Book of Memory

Garcia-Aguilera, Carolina – Bloody Waters

Garcia-Roza, Luiz Alfredo – A Window in Copacabana


Gardiner, Meg – China Lake


Gardner, Erle Stanley – The Case of the Velvet Claws


Garnier, Pascal – The Front Seat Passenger


Gash, Jonathan – The Judas Pair


Gentill, Sulari – A Few Right Thinking Men


Gerhardsen, Carin – The Gingerbread House


Gerritsen, Tess – Vanish


Gill, Bartholomew – McGarr and the PM of Belgrave Square


Glauser, Friedrich – Thumbprint


Gordon, Alison – The Dead Pull Hitter


Gott, Robert – The Holiday Murders


Grabenstein, Chris – Tilt a Whirl


Grafton, Sue – A is for Alibi


Graham, Caroline – A Ghost in the Machine


Graham, John Alexander – Something in the Air

Granotier, Sylvie – The Paris Lawyer


Grant, Andrew – Death in the Kingdom


Green, Anna Katherine – The Golden Slipper and Other Problems for Violet Strange


Greenwood, Kerry – Earthly Delights


Grenville, Kate – The Secret River


Griffiths, Elly – The Crossing Places


Grimes, Martha – The Anodyne Necklace


Grisham, John – A Time to Kill


Haddam, Jane – Not a Creature Was Stirring

Haldane, Seán – The Devil’s Making


Hall, Tarquin – The Case of the Missing Servant


Hallinan, Timothy – A Nail Through the Heart


Hamilton, Ian – The Water Rat of Wanchai


Hamilton, Steve – Ice Run


Hammett, Dashiell – The Thin Man


Hare, Cyril – Tenant For Death

Harlick, R.J. – Death’s Golden Whisper


Harris, Dawn – Letter From a Dead Man


Harrison, A.S.A. – The Silent Wife


Hart, Carolyn – Death on Demand

Hart, John – The Last Child


Herron, Mick – Down Cemetery Road

Heyer, Georgette – A Blunt Instrument


Hiaasen, Carl – Skinny Dip


Higashino, Keigo – Salvation of a Saint


Higgins Clark, Mary – While My Pretty One Sleeps


Highsmith, Patricia – Ripley Under Ground


Hill, Reginald – An Advancement of Learning


Hillerman, Tony – The Dark Wind


Hjortsberg, William – Falling Angel

Høeg, Peter – Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow


Holborn, Stark – Nunslinger: Book 1

Holt, Anne – The Blind Goddess

Horst, Jørn Lier – Dregs


Horton, Babs – A Jarful of Angels

Housewright, David – Unidentified Woman #15


Houston, Victoria – Dead Angler


Howell, Katherine – Violent Exposure


Hull, Richard – The Murder of My Aunt

Indriðason, Arnaldur – Jar City


Innes, Michael – Death at the President’s Lodging


Izzo, Jean-Claude – Total Chaos


Jackson, Shirley – We Have Always Lived in the Castle


James, P.D. – A Taste For Death 


James, Peter – Dead Simple


James, Wendy – Out of the Silence: A Story of Love, Betrayal, Politics and Murder


Jance, J.A. – Desert Heat

Jaquiery, Anna – The Lying Down Room


Jay, Charlotte – A Hank of Hair


Jeffries, Roderick – Mistakenly in Mallorca

Johnson, Craig – The Cold Dish


Jones, Stan – White Sky, Black Ice


Joseph, Alison – The Dying Light


Kaaberbøl, Lene, and Friis, Agnete – The Boy in the Suitcase


Kaminsky, Stuart – Bullet For a Star


Kaushal, Swati – Drop Dead


Keating, H.R.F – Inspector Ghote’s First Case


Keller, Julia – Bitter River


Kellerman, Faye – The Ritual Bath


Kellerman, Jonathan – When the Bough Breaks


Kemelman, Harry – Friday the Rabbi Slept Late


Kent, Hannah – Burial Rites


Kerr, Philip – March Violets


Kerrigan, Gene – The Rage


Khan, Ausma Zehanat – The Unquiet Dead


Khan, Shadaab Amjad – Murder in Bollywood


Kinnings, Max – Baptism


Kirino, Natsuo – Real World


Kiuchi, Kazuhiro – Shield of Straw


Koch, Herman – The Dinner


Krajewski, Marek – Death in Breslau


Kuhns, Eleanor – Cradle to Grave


Läckberg, Camilla – The Ice Princess


La Plante, Lynda – Above Suspicion

Larsson, Åsa – The Savage Altar


le Carré, John – Call For the Dead


Lehane, Dennis – Gone, Baby, Gone


Lem, Stanislaw – The Investigation


Leon, Donna – Suffer the Little Children


Leonard, Elmore – Maximum Bob


Levin, Ira – The Stepford Wives


Levine, Paul – Solomon vs Lord

Lindsay, Douglas – We Are the Hanged Man


Lippman, Laura – Baltimore Blues


Lipska, Anya – Where the Devil Can’t Go


Littlefield, Sophie – A Bad Day For Sorry


Locke, Attica – Black Water Rising


Lorac, E.C.R. – Bats in the Belfry

Lovesey, Peter – The Last Detective: Introducing Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond


Lowndes, Marie Belloc – The Lodger